(Near) Loss for Words

The posting’s been intermittent, and it has less to do with the fact that the Sox are playing so well there’s nothing to complain about than that the summer is fully mature and Lamaze classes have come calling. In any case, this poster is still here, very happy about the current roll (and let’s just say it: the Sox are HOT!), and relishing in the improved defense. Theo deserves major credit for that Nomar trade – it really has shored up a team that was desperately in need of some better glovework, and the Red Sox have picked it up since #5 left on a jetplane.

Make no mistake, we’re still worried about Terry’s ability to manage close ballgames, though his errors may be cloaked by diving stabs at first base (thanks, Doug) and acrobatic grabs in the hole (thanks, Orlando). And the Sox still have zero distance between them and the WC chasers. So nothing’s really different, at least not yet.

Lastly, welcome back, ‘Tek, and play well this weekend.

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  • Conspiracy theory #113…Comfortable in their (at the time) ten game lead in the East, and recognizing that the Sox are their most formidable potential post-season opponent, the Yanks intentionally (sub-consciously?) tanked against the Angels to insure that the Sox picked up no ground in the Wild Card race. Okay, so maybe I’m bat-shit crazy. But am I the only other Sox fan out there who has noticed that there have been a few times during the last couple of seasons where the Yanks, enjoying a big lead in the division, have stumbled against the Sox’ wild card foes? Is it all part of some divine (diabolic?) plan to make us hate them more?

    MJL (SF) August 27, 2004, 10:45 am
  • This is further confirmation that Sox fans are paranoid maniacs, obsessed not with their home team but with the Yankees. Are you next going to blame the Yanks for global warming?

    JCL (YF) August 27, 2004, 11:06 am
  • Hey, it’s preposterous to think the Yankees are responsible for global warming…and yet…they ARE the highest paid team in the league…which translates into more gas-guzzling luxury SUV’s than any team in the league…which translates into…
    (He cried, in Charlton Heston voice.)

    MJL (SF) August 27, 2004, 11:30 am

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