I know Google Maps is in beta testing (and it sure does look good) but even in it’s infancy you’d think that some very basic searches would turn up the correct information.  Typing in some well-known landmarks locates us on their maps at some very strange places, all around or near the geographic center of the US:

  • "Fenway Park" brings us to a restaurant in Sedan, Kansas, called "The Red Buffalo Gift and Coffee Bar".
  • "Yankee Stadium" takes us to the "Bartlesville Community Center" in the home of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Price Tower.
  • "Briggs Field" (I thought I’d throw the program a curveball) brings us to the "Individual Mausoleum Company" of Parsons, Kansas. Not far off, but still not right – I think they transposed this search with the one for "Giants Stadium End Zone".

Get to work, Sergey.

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  • That’s funny, but when I plug in “Yankee Stadium” I wind up with a nice map centered at “River Avenue & E 161.” There’s even a phone number: 212 293-6000.
    Coincidence that Fenway is out in the middle of nowhere? An omen on your season to come? Or is it just that, as in the Steinberg cartoon, once you’re beyond NYC, it all just blends into one lump of nothingness?
    Food for thought.

    YF March 22, 2005, 4:51 pm
  • Ah, you have to type in “Yankee Stadium, New York”. Local qualifier required. Still, they might want to think about making the search less specific – with all that brainpower out there you’d think it could do that.

    SF March 22, 2005, 5:01 pm

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