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Major Movement?

Rumor has AGon, Beckett, Crawford, and Puntogoing to the Dodgers.

Here’s MLB trade rumor’s info on the prospects

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Losing Gonzalez to rid the team of Beckett is worth it, though I still held out hopes that Crawford would turn things around, he was showing signs of life even with the bum elbow. Now, if the Red Sox ownership feels they have to spend that money on high priced FAs they will be right back where they were the last few years (and yes I realize that we traded for Gonzo, but we also signed him as a FA).

What I’d like to see the team do is lean more toward player development and scouting with the right mix of FAs mixed in. They still need pitching, but it seems like two of the pitchers, De La Rosa and Weber, have pretty good potential to be top of the rotation guys.

As long as Henry and Werner don’t feel they have to bring in FAs to make the fans happy we should be OK. The worst thing they could do is turn this money over and try and sign Hamilton this winter. Maybe they should take some money and invest in a psychologist that can profile potential FAs to determine which ones will be a fit in Boston and which one won’t.

Gammons Tweeted that rival executives are comparing this to the Dallas/Minn Hershel Walker trade in the NFL, with Boston being Dallas. Realize that in football getting a bunch of top draft picks give a team a much greater chance of getting better sooner, but as far as how much salary was taken on by the Dodgers and having salary flexibility that Boston now has is similar to having draft picks in the NFL, I can see their point.

Seems like a great trade for both sides…depending on how the prospects turn out obviously.

BAH-sten gets to essentially start over…

LA gets a couple proven players that can put them over the top in AAAA…

Works for both I think.

Have been almost completely disconnected from email and internet for most of the past 9 days while on vacation with the family in Colorado. Beautiful scenery out there…

As for this blockbuster, I have to think LA is the only team that might have even conceived of doing this and even then I’m still surprised they went as far as they did. Given the situation the Red Sox were/are in, it was a fantastic move for them, not withstanding how much it hurts to lose A-Gon.

At the same time, the fact that the Red Sox got themselves into this situation in the first place is notable. Theo Epstein got so much praise while he was in Boston – deservedly so. But the mountain of c%*p that the Sox are having to dig out from under and have now almost completely cleared (John Lackey is still wearing a Sox uniform), was pretty much entirely his doing before he skipped town. The cherry on top (Bobby Valentine) was of course not is doing, and I’m curious whether the new regime jettisons him as well or sticks by him. Either way, SFs can’t help but be excited to be getting a pretty fresh start with guys like Pedroia, Ortiz (assume they re-sign him, no?), Ellsbury, Lester, Buchholz, and exciting young talent like Ciriaco as the foundation upon which they can now add some big-name talent. Should make for a newsworthy couple of years in Boston…

I realized today that this is a historic trade. So much money and talent unloaded in one fell swoop to one team. Never happened before and probably will never happen again. Probably.
I believe the highest paid player remaining is John Lackey. Gulp.
I just don’t understand how the Sox got to that point. They became everything they despised – a symbol or greed and gluttony. And it was something that has proven over and over again not to work. The Yankees (of many but not all recent years), the Phillies, the Angels. How many bloated contracts actually pay off? So, so few. Off the top of my head, I can think of more failures (Giambi, ARod, KBrown, RJ, Halladay, DiceK, Werth, Soriano, Tex, Johan. Vern Wells, Zambrano), than successes (Manny – sort of, Prince, Verlander.) Some are debatable. There are more examples.
So we move on. Thankfully.
I’ll miss AGon. I’ll miss hoping that Crawford lives up to expectations. But I’m excited about the future. Ben was bold, all right. He told Theo’s legacy to take a hike.
Ben will be active in the offseason, I’ll bet. He’ll be looking for the next Bill Mueller, Kevin Millar and Johnny Damon, the guys who REALLY put the Sox over the top.
If the Sox don’t make any splashes, this year, they really will win December. And I really doubt they’ll be down long. Today, just more than two days after Ben finalized The Trade, I can say I won’t be shocked if the Red Sox are playing in the 2013 postseason.

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