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Aces Down?: Angels-Sox Gamer III

What a tough run: King Felix, Jered Weaver, now Dan Haren. If the Sox can win tonight over the Angels’ excellent righty they will have done the unlikely: beat these three guys in a row after being taken out by Jason Vargas and Doug Fister, the bottom of the Mariners’ rotation. We don’t know how to comprehend this, but in the end don’t really care either. So go get’em Sox!

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It seems the Sox have faced a ton of great pitchers so far this season. But it’s hard to complain too much when they’re shut down by the likes of Vargas and Fister.
My hope is that last night’s offensive outburst was a turning point. It had that feel of the dam finally breaking free. I guess we’ll see.

I don’t really believe in turning points for team offenses. I do believe in shifts in momentum for players, and I wonder if Crawford is starting to figure things out. It seems like his plate approach is better, going the other way, serving balls to left, etc. Same with Gonzo’s great double to the wall yesterday – maybe he’s starting to get used to Fenway. And I have to say I love the way Ellsbury is hitting, though his from-the-heels style is still disconcerting to me in general.
On the other hand Haren is really good, so it couldt be a quiet night, another disappointing bump in the road to recovery.

These things happen. I think it was just last year that rookie starters (and it might have even been guys making their first major league start) were dominating the Yankees. That was perplexing.

Ok, so how many times have the Sox scored first in a game? Where to find this? BR? Seems like they always fall behind, but that could just be my horrible attitude.
1-0 Angels going to the bottom of the second.

Based on the first two innings I won’t have to worry about comprehending the Sox beating three aces while losing to two chimps.

Dusty, the Yanks are legendary for doing terribly against pitchers they’ve never seen before. I don’t know why this is and I don’t know how to look it up, but the stats on this – whever they get quoted – over at least the past 4 years, are confounding.

On Lester, I guess they have some sort of pitching plan where they try to keep the starters to 330 pitches overthrew starts, lester was at 312. At least that was what orsillo and eck were talking about on NESN

The Angels must be thinking “what do we need to do to beat the Sox” Sox struggle against bad Seattle pitching, then tee off on the two best in AL in Weaver and Haren

Papelbon looks, well, bad. A couple of more baserunners and the Angels will send the tying run to the plate. Luckily only one out to go.

So the Sox lose 4 of 5 from the crappy part of the Orioles/Mariners, but then beat Hernandez/Weaver/Haren, arguably the three best pitchers in the league. This team can be both wonderful and frustrating at times.

Ok, so how many times have the Sox scored first in a game? Where to find this? BR?
Indeed, you can find it at this link.
The skinny: The Sox have been leading after the first inning five times (4-1 in those games) and been trailing seven times (2-5 in those games). They’ve entered the second inning tied 17 times (all but two have been scoreless ties) and left with the lead three times and trailing four times. They’ve entered the third inning tied 12 times (all but three of them scoreless) and left with the lead seven times and behind one time.
In all, over the first three innings, the Sox have held the lead after the first three innings 15 times while trailing nine times.

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