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Make the Lead Bigger: Sox-Halos Gamer II

The roadtrip started well yesterday, but the Yanks fought their way to 2nd place with a sixth straight victory and their second over the O’s. I was more or less rooting for the Yanks since they trailed the O’s in the standings to start the game, and it seems reasonable to root for the 3rd place team instead of the 2nd…still, I couldn’t help but feel like karmically, it might be better to root for the O’s when the gap is only half a game between 2nd and 3rd.

Anyway, the Red Sox led by 5.5 at the end of yesterday’s games, and will lead by either 5 or 6 depending on their game tonight. They are attempting to match the Yankees win streak by winning their own sixth in a row. The Angels’ starter, Jerome Williams, was hammered for seven runs in 1.2 innings in his last start…on Wednesday. Going on two days rest after a shellacking…one can only hope it turns out as expected. Sox counter with the fairly solid Dempster. Comment away!

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Color me nervous at Bailey coming in with runners at the corners, 1 out, and a 3-run lead. Miller looks to have done something pretty bad to his leg, putting no weight on it as he was helped off the field. Shame to lose decent bullpen depth like that.

Bailey did his job and more, getting 5 outs (the first 2 on a first-pitch DP to end the 7th), allowing one hit (a single to Pujols just past Iglesias). Sox have a 4-run lead and 3 outs to get.

Alex Wilson loads the bases with 2 out (a HBP on Trout) in the 9th before being yanked.

Uehara made it 7-6 after Wilson left, but then got what should have been the final out grounded to Snyder, who promptly threw it over Pedroia’s head trying to get the force (throw to 1st when it’s the final out, douchebag). So the tying run comes in before Uehara strikes out the next dude. And it’s extras west coast style, uh oh.

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