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A long, personal story about Manny Ramirez by Sarah Rimer at the Times. Well worth a click.

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Thanks for this SF – I skimmed and it looks like a really good read so I printed and am taking on the train-commuite home tonight. No matter what anyone thought of Manny (and I had a real dislike for him), he was certainly a fascinating character.
The stat in the article re: Manny batting .650 reminded me of a stat that was put up on the jumbotron at Yankee Stadium during the first game I caught there this year (the first Soriano-meltdown game vs. the Twins).
Maybe this is old news to everyone here, but the stat was on Joe Mauer. In his 4-year high school baseball career, Mauer – who hit .500+ every year including .605 his senior year – only struck out once.
Now I am not in the habit of following high school players so maybe it is not unusual for future-MLB all-stars to have miniscule K-totals at that age, but I find it absurd and amazing. The BA is impressive enough, but at least that is over all kinds of pitchers at a level where Mauer clearly was a man among boys.
But the 1K career total is even more astonishing to me because in all those four years he MUST have faced the aces of other teams, umpires with absurdly large k-zones, etc., etc.
Apparently when asked about it Mauer said (this off wikipedia): “I can remember the time I did strike out. It was junior year, and it was in the state tournament. I came back to the bench and everybody thought something was wrong with me.”
Freakish talent.

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