Manny in Pinstripes?

First Nomo. Now Chacon. Is Manny next? He wants outta Beantown. (Who can blame him?) The answer is obvious. The Yanks need an outfielder. The Sox could use a second baseman (Bellhorn sucks!). Manny for Womack. Straight up. Except the Sox should throw in some cash.

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  • YF are you crazy? This is easiest the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, even if it is meant as a poke. Outside A-Rod, which I would move to SS immediately, there isn’t enough on the entire Yankees roster to make this happen.
    However, if you really think about it, A-Rod for Manny straight up would really take care of both teams problems. A-Rod would end up where he wanted to go initially anyhow, and really get the New York idiots off his back about the pinstripe thing, and NY’s outfield problems would be helped.
    I would do that hands down. But, other than that option, there isn’t enough COMBINED for NY to offer.
    Manny for Jeter, Cano, Matsui, Pavano, and….nope.

    Brad-SF July 28, 2005, 11:11 pm
  • I’m sorry, but I really don’t think that womack is better than bellhorn. as much as i don’t like mark bellhorn, i would much rather have him or graffanino than womack. maybe even alex cora as our starting second baseman. i really, really hope that you’re kidding when you mention this. if not, are you nuts?

    Laura July 28, 2005, 11:13 pm
  • STILL jeter envy after all these years…

    sweetjetes July 29, 2005, 12:59 am
  • hahaha. Now that’s funny. There are five or six…possibly seven shorts in the league I take over Jeter right now, including the one accross town with the Mets, so envy is hardly the delimma.

    brad July 29, 2005, 1:02 am
  • 7 shorts in the league over Jeter. You Sox fans told us for almost 9 years how Jeter couldn’t hold Nomah’s jock. Now there are 7 shortstops you’d take before Jeter. Nam’em smart guy, we’ll see how full of it you are.
    And don’t bring me any intagible crap, because no one at any position on any team in any league in any sport brings more intangibles than Jeter. So you better back your BS with numbers. I am so sick and tired of some Sox fans. So many of you are haters, all those years with no real chance of winning a championship you learned to console yourselves by hating the Yankees, their players and their fans. Well guess what you won a WS, so get over it already. Enjoy your team and your players and stop hating. You guys really need therapy. I’ll be waiting for your list. A quick review of ESPN shows only 3 players with a higher OPS than Jeter this year and none that I could quickly see with a higher career OPS:
    Lopez, Cin having his best year by far, and no way in hell do you trade Jeter for him, the Cincy GM has wet dreams thinking of such a thing.
    Young, Texas also having a career year, but his stats rival Jeters recently. I doubt too many people would pick him over Jeter, he hasn’t done it long enough and his career OPS is 60 points lower than Jeter’s, thats significant.
    Tejada, Bal also having his best year, but I wouldn’t trade Jeter for him. BTW his career OPS also lower than Jeter’s by 27 points, not as significant as 60 points but still lower than Jeters.
    These are all facts, straight from So we Yankee fans will be waiting for your list.

    MFY Fan July 29, 2005, 6:53 am
  • I think YF is joking, but if not, we’ll only do it if he throws in a lifetime supply of Gray’s Papaya, Luger’s Steak Sauce, and some cheap Long Island red. Otherwise, Lazy Manny’s ours, so stay away!
    To our readers: when one of us suggests trading a player of world class hitting ability for a guy who is benched, makes contact with balls like an aspiring celibate girl, and then asks for cash on top, it’s usually for effect. So, how about Hyzdu for Jeter? Deal?

    SF July 29, 2005, 7:17 am
  • Thank you, SF. A little bit of denseness here, perhaps?
    BTW, I wouldn’t do that Hydzu/Jeter trade, but I might think about Hydzu for Jeter and Rivera.

    mattymatty July 29, 2005, 8:05 am
  • That’s ok, I thought YF was being generous with Woemack for Manny, Woemack hardly ever dogs it on the field.

    Battingly July 29, 2005, 8:56 am
  • Please. People. We were being facetious. Manny for Womack straight up is ridiculous. Cash does that one he’s gone in a second. Obviously we’d need more than just one man. And we hear Damon might be interested….
    PS: The shotstop argument is ridiculous. Jeter’s not going anywhere, except the HOF.

    YF July 29, 2005, 9:09 am
  • We had Manny for nothing, and passed. So if you want to get rid of him you’ll have to throw in $15 million a year. Take it or leave it.

    john yf July 29, 2005, 9:39 am
  • if this happened i would pretty much be happy with it. not because we’d lose manny but because it would prove the yankees STILL haven’t learned their lesson about binging on overpriced, aging commodities.
    it’s obvious this season is a wash. if the yankees are in any way smart, they’ll step back and start figuring out their farm system before doing any more blockbuster acquisitions.

    beth July 29, 2005, 9:49 am
  • Earth to Sox fans: the Yanks are not giving anything of value for Manny. We passed once. Our offense is better now than then.
    Every GM in baseball knows Manny’s available. Have you heard any offers? Every team would like Manny’s bat. No team wants his salary. On the Yankees he wouldn’t get to use his glove, because we don’t have to hide Papi’s glove.

    john yf July 29, 2005, 9:56 am
  • Earth to john yf: waivers don’t work the way you think they do. When the Sox put him on irrevocable waivers after the 2003 season, the Yankees could not, as you say, “have him for nothing”. Really now, do you think 29 teams were offered one of the best hitters in baseball for free and turned him down?
    No, anyone who claimed Manny would have had to pay the remainder of his salary — $100M at the time. If that’s what you consider “nothing”, you Yanks fans have really lost it.

    Earl July 29, 2005, 10:36 am
  • $100 million, that’s nothing the Yankees make that during a 4 game homestand.

    Battingly July 29, 2005, 10:43 am
  • Earth to Earl: You’re making my point.
    Murray Chass says in today’s Times that the Mets should trade for Manny. He thinks it would have to be a 4 for 1 trade. I think he’s nuts.
    The Yanks pay $7 million of A-Rod’s salary, which makes him one of the great deals in baseball. Manny at $10 or $11 million would still be a great bargain, although the Sox seem unwilling to do that. As far as the Mets, IF THE SOX ARE WILLING TO PICK UP A LOT OF SALARY, Manny should go to an AL team that doesn’t already have a good DH who’s an even worse fielder than Manny.
    But I don’t believe the Sox are willing to do that, or that Manny’s going anywhere. The Sox are already short on outfielders, and Manny and Papi are a great pair at 3 and 4. Not to mention that the Sox are one of the richest teams in baseball, best able to afford Manny.

    john yf July 29, 2005, 1:36 pm
  • I can’t believe you people are still talking about this…

    mattymatty July 29, 2005, 1:46 pm
  • John YF: “We had Manny for nothing.”
    Me: “No, you didn’t.”
    John YF: “You’re making my point.”

    Earl July 29, 2005, 1:49 pm
  • Earl, in the previous Manny thread, I said,

    Since every team in baseball passed when he was on waivers, what are you going to get for him?

    The answer? “Nothing”
    Nothing = no players swapped.

    john yf July 29, 2005, 2:11 pm
  • Sterling and Waldman are discussing a 3-way trade rumor: Mets get Baez and Manny, Sox get Cameron and Huff, Devil Rays get prospects.
    Great for the Mets, except for the money: are they really willing to pay that money? They already overpaid Pedro and Beltran (the latter by a LOT).
    Bad for the Sox: they don’t replace Manny’s bat. A move to replace Damon with Cameron? He can’t hit like Damon. Would they throw in money for Manny?
    The Devil Rays have prospects up the wazoo.

    john massengale July 29, 2005, 8:43 pm
  • ESPN reported that that proposed deal is dead at the moment. And a good thing too, since it’s terrible for Boston. The prospects mentioned are Shoppach and Sanchez–not two guys you want to give up without reaping something huge in return. And Huff and Cameron are definitely not enough.
    In Theo we trust.

    Sox Fan in VT July 30, 2005, 2:13 am
  • List complete:
    Miguel Tejada: bigger upside, and more dangerous at the plate.
    Michael Young: A LOT bigger upside, more range, about 15million less/annum, and made the all star team without coaches help.
    A-Rod: still the best SS in the league hands down.
    Orlando Cabrera: better defensively, and in the Sox lineup, that’s whats important. Not as good a hitter, but I like hime more just the same.
    Rafael Furcal: Theres no explanation needed here, great defensively, cannon for an arm, and again, way cheaper.
    Caesar Izturis: Much better defensively (probably the best in the league with all considered), way better upside, and pretty good with the bat.
    David Eckstein: I really don’t need to explain this one.
    Jose Reyes: Um, he’s just old enough to drink, makes petty money, going to steal 40 bases a year and makes great contact with the ball, also leads the league in triples.
    Try not to be so cynical when responding to a post. I happen to think that with Jeter’s age, salary, and all other aspect being considered, there are just too many guys out there who are just as good or better. I happen to like Jeter, but if were building a team tomorrow, he’s not the shortstop. He makes too much money for his stats, and while he’s earned every penny, I said there are other’s that I WOULD TAKE NOW, not for career numbers. I happen to not be on the list you so adamantly spoke of when stereotyping all of RSN, so please keep your tongue in your mouth – I’m just stating my opinion here.
    FWIW – at the time of RSN argument, Nomar was the better SS, but all was for nothing as A-Rod was easier better than both.

    Brad July 31, 2005, 10:54 pm
  • Brad (SF?), I’m speechless. Did you really say there was no explanation needed for Eckstein over Jeter? Is it the fact that Eckstein is batting .270 with a .348 OBP and 3 homeruns as compared to Jeter’s .305 avg and .386 OBP and 12 homeruns. Or is it the fact that Eckstein throws like a little leaguer. Maybe it’s his relative youth compared to Jeter. He is after all a whole year younger than Jeter so I guess if you wanted to construct a team maybe that would be a factor.
    Izturis?! Just because someone is younger, doesn’t mean he has more upside. Or would you rather have Izturis over Miguel Tejada, or A-Rod, for that matter. It must be his .270 avg and .312 OBP compared to that old-timer Jeter’s inflated Yankee stadium stats. Oh, that’s right! Yankee stadium is a pitcher’s park. Speaking of which: Michael Young plays in Texas where David Eckstein would probably hit 10 dingers. I’d say Young’s stats, after factoring in park effects, are either slightly worse or even with Jeter’s. He’s also just a little over a year younger than Jeter. Because Jeter’s been doing it longer than Young gives one the illusion that Young is much younger than Derek.
    Orlando Cabrera is just not as good a player as Jeter. He never will approach him as a player. Never. No explanation needed there (using your David Eckstein rule on this one).
    When Jose Reyes’s OBP rises above .310, I’ll start to consider him a major league hitter. Right now, he’s a double A player who makes a lot of exciting plays. Doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Jeter. Again, just because he’s barely legal doesn’t mean he has more upside than Jeter in his early 30’s. See Izturis analysis on this one.
    Let’s talk about the money issue here. Jeter generates more money than probably any other player (besides Matsui) for the Yanks. He pays for his contract and then some because he’s Derek Jeter. You might notice that Jeter’s is beloved by all in Yankee land (YF, me, Battingly, Jerome from Manhattan, etc.). Izturis jerseys just wouldn’t sell. Nor would that drunk driver Furcal’s for that matter. I’m not going to argue with the Furcal selection because he’s an exceptional fielder and has shown a potential at the plate that others haven’t. I’d add to your list Bobby Crosby who is younger and has shown great capability at the plate and is a great fielder. And of course I’d put at the top, Miggy.
    And unfortunately for the Yanks and your list, A-Rod is simply not a SS.

    Nick August 1, 2005, 9:05 am
  • Manny only wanted to be traded to avoid all of the attention he was getting and have some privacy. As dumb as that sounds it wasn’t anything against Boston*. And even though Manny can be a little weird, I don’t think anybody as good as him would go to the yankees, because, he just wouldn’t fit it. Putting the World Series MVP with some washed up outfielders and DH’s…you’re crazy.

    NewBostonMetSoxFan August 3, 2005, 4:11 pm

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