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Mariners-Yankees Gamer

Felix Hernandez pitches for Seattle while Javier Vazquez is manning the mound for New York.  I can't say I have a good feeling about this.  Comment Away

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walk, K, K, walk…throw in a couple wild pitches and it adds up to 1st and 3rd with 2 outs, Cano smacks one to the gap and their no-name LF’er makes a nice grab.
0-0 after 1.

There we go…HR. 0-1. We suck. I’m out. Wake me up after the all-star break. Actually, I’ll be at the 1st game after the all-star break so if they play like shit, I may be going to jail after running on the field and bitch-slapping every one of their sorry fucking asses…

Fucking pathetic. This team has regressed. Same old bullshit story…garbage bullpen, average starting pitching and no clutch hitting. Live and die with the HR. I guess they are all happy they won it last year. These last two games have been a fucking embarrassment to the fucking pinstripes. Getting fucking destroyed by the Seattle fucking Mariners??? Really???
Trades. It’s time to shake up this fucking team.

I can’t really feel that bad about getting shut down by Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez. Still, our offense is sputtering right now. Tex needs to pick it up, Jeter needs to be on base more. Gardner hopefully won’t be long.

I’m no math major but we are on pace for what, 96-97 wins??? What a joke. This team should win over 100 easy. TIME TO MAKE SOME MOVES CASH!!! The good kind, not the bad kind you’ve been making lately i.e. Damon and Godzilla for Nick the Dick and Granderson…how the FUCK does our bench contain Kevin Russo, Colon Curtis and Chad Huffman??? Seriously???

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