Mars Attacks!, Vol. 1

I never like it when athletes claim that they are quoted out of context, or that “the media” is creating a controversy. I find it an avoidance of conflict, a passing-of-the-buck that absolves players of taking responsibility for their actions. But today, driving up to Boston, and listening to WHDH (850AM), I heard a bumper advertising the broadcast of this afternoon’s Sox-Orioles game, in which the voice-over proclaimed something to the effect of “…can the Sox avoid the disaster of losing two to the Orioles as they take the field trying to stop the panic in Red Sox Nation”, and thought, jeez, if this isn’t the media trying to stir up a controversy, then what the hell is? I realize we’re talking about sports radio here, and that I shouldn’t really let it get to me, but WHO THE HELL PANICS AFTER ONE GAME (besides “Jerome from the Bronx”, that is)?!?!? Truthfully, not many people in Boston are panicking, and this was an unnecessarily bombastic spot.

As for me, I will not panic. Not after today, not after tomorrow. April 18th, maybe, but not today.

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