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Regular readers of this site know that I haven't been posting (or commenting) with quite the frequency as in the past, even with the Yanks on what has thus far been another magical run deep into the playoffs. I've been watching, you can be sure, but I've also been distracted, and for good reason: this week I've published my second book, Master of Shadows, which tells the story of the secret diplomatic career of the painter Peter Paul Rubens. Now I know the first reaction here is: what is a guy who writes about baseball doing writing about art? Well, I'd like to think we can enjoy both high culture and popular cultureā€”I'm no snob. And I'd point out that my first book, Spalding's World Tour, in its own way, was about diplomacy as well, though of a different sort. If you read both books, and I hope you've read the first and will read the second, I think you'll find Albert Spalding and Peter Paul Rubens quite similar as individuals: a pair of orphans with enormous physical and intellectual gifts and savvy business instincts. If you enjoyed the first, I think you'll enjoy the second. Frankly, I think it's a better book. You can read much more about it on my other website. I will say it's an absolutely beautifully made book, so a perfect gift with the holidays looming. If you patronize this site, I hope you will support its proprietors! If you're so inclined, also please do join the Master of Shadows Facebook group for updates and news about events. 

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Congratulations YF – I am in awe of people who have the discipline and work ethic to complete one book let alone multiple books. Sounds like a great subject (and nice title by the way!).

Hell yeah YF! Rubens is easily one of my favorite artists: I got to see Massacre of the Innocents at the National Gallery when I was in England last year. Great stuff, I’ll have to buy this.

Good luck YF on the book…oh, and stay away please, we’ve been killing it in your writer’s absence!!! ;)

let me chime in…best of luck on the book yf…i’m ashamed to admit that i don’t have the patience to read good writing, but i may buy this one…i share your interest in artists’ other geniuses…

Congrats YF, I personally like this kind of stories on people that might have been overlooked or just not scrutinized enough,I`ll be sure looking for the book and I believe recommending it soon ;)
And go Yanks!!

“i’m ashamed to admit that i don’t have the patience to read good writing”
Now I know why my posts and comments here never draw a reaction from you dc…

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