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To hear Sox fans tell it, the division, after 13 games, is already sewn up. Well now. Don’t say we didn’t tell you the Yanks would have it rough at the start. Because we did. The Sox? Credit where credit is due. They’re winning, and another awesome test of their skill arrives at Fenway this evening: Casey Fossum (a familliar face) and the DRays. Clement goes for the Bostons. Over/under on hit batsmen in the game is 43. Meanwhile, up in the Great White North—yes, the Yankees are away for the 10th time in 13 games—Bomber ace Randy Johnson takes on Gustavo Chacin, who has somehow made it to 2-0 (including a win over Boston) despite less-than-thrilling numbers. He’s due to come down a peg, and for the record, against our Bombers he’s 1-4 with a 4.99 era and .297 batting average against over the past 3 years. The question on everyone’s mind: how long will Randy last out there? I guess we’ll find out. Seven o’clock game times, so whichever side you’re rooting for, be prepared to keep an eye on the away board.

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  • The only thing sewn up so far is the title for “most early season whininess and palpable bitterness over an early west coast swing”. We know who won that one.

    SF April 18, 2006, 6:26 am
  • I don’t know any sox fan who thinks anything is set in stone, with us nothing is ever set in stone, except our love for our team and our loathing for the pinstripes. Oh, and of course the fact that Sam Adams is the best beer in the world.

    Anonymous April 18, 2006, 8:28 am
  • Sam Adams!? I was with you 100 percent til you went there…

    SF April 18, 2006, 8:36 am
  • Wait, the division’s not sewn up? You think you can make up five or so games in the next five months? NOT WITH MARK LORETTA ON OUR SIDE, SUCKA! Do you even have a fifth pitcher yet? Ours rules! Wait, we traded Bronson for what now? On the plus side, Lenny Dinardo is significantly better than Wright. Of course…so’s your mom.

    Alex April 18, 2006, 10:41 am
  • Wait, they didn’t just give the Yanks the title after the 15-2 win on Opening Night? Seriously, if you all keep up this pace you’ll all develop ulcers by the break.
    I do want to say, the Patriot Day game is one of the most one-sided advantages in pro sports today, right up there with the Lions and Cowboys home Turkey Day games. I accept that it is an institution and respect the tradition aspect but it is pretty much a gimmee for the Sox every year. I’m not saying it needs to be retired but I’d like to see an attempt to get at least an East Coast team involved so that the opponent can have more of a fighting chance. Or bump the game back to a normal day game start time.

    Nate April 18, 2006, 11:05 am
  • The tradition part is that it starts an hour before the Boston marathon, Nate, meaning the game and the marathon end at roughly the same time. And the last few years it has been an east coast team (Yankees, Jays).

    Laura April 18, 2006, 11:13 am
  • It’s true: the Yankees won’t really be screwed until Randy Johnson makes his season-ending move to the DL, which should be in, oh, 3 weeks or so.

    airk April 18, 2006, 11:42 am
  • C’Mon SF – The Pale Ale and the Black Lager is some of the best tasting stuff in all of the beer world. Not to mention the light, which is better than most beers that are not light. Sam easily wins for varitety of great taste, but I’ll always choose a nice Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout or Pint of Black to coat the throat.

    Brad April 18, 2006, 11:43 am
  • I don’t dislike SA, but send me on Aer Lingus to Dublin and a pub within 10 miles of the Guinness factory and you’ll have a hard time getting me back to the Northeast, family first baseline tix or not.

    SF April 18, 2006, 11:45 am
  • See “Pint of Black” and you’ll see that we are easily on the same page.

    Brad April 18, 2006, 11:56 am
  • I can’t stand Sam Adams, but I’ve only had it from the bottle. Maybe there’s a real improvement on tap.
    You can’t beat the pivo in Prague.
    And Guiness is pretty special.

    NickYF April 18, 2006, 12:19 pm
  • The Guinness gets even more special the closer you get to the brewery. I don’t know if it psychological or if travel hurts the brew, but even within Ireland (where I have been a couple of times) I noticed that the closer you get to Dublin, the better it gets. The worst Guinness I had was almost as far away as one could get, up in Portstewart, though it was Northern Ireland and I don’t know if there is a local brewery up there or if everything is made in Dublin.
    I could be nuts.

    SF April 18, 2006, 12:23 pm
  • I’ve never heard of that one Nick, but I’m sure it’s delicious. I’m not a fan of all the SA’s, but some are pretty tasty, and yes, on tap is always the way to go for it.
    Another great beer is the lager from Brooklyn Brewery, but since it comes in a Yankee pinstriped box, I never buy it:)
    Does that go to far?

    Brad April 18, 2006, 12:35 pm
  • Also, SF – I think you may be onto something. I spent a summer in Colorado a few years back playing in a wood-bat leauge, and that place had the worst Guinness I’ve ever come across, but here on the East Coast it’s nearly always good. A lot has to do with the bar; it’s supposed to be kept in a warmer cooler by itself, and the lines have to be cleaned weekly, which a lot of places don’t do.

    Brad April 18, 2006, 12:38 pm
  • There’s something to say for a beer that’s so good it ruined so many men. If you ever read any of Frank McCourt’s books, it’s amazing to hear of the stories of how it tore apart entire towns.

    Brad April 18, 2006, 12:40 pm
  • Brad, to clarify: “pivo” is the Czech word for beer. There are a few very good ones there: I like Staropramen. Actually, Pilsner Urquell is very good there (not so good here), and Budevice (sp?) is also nice.

    NickYF April 18, 2006, 12:46 pm
  • Gotcha.
    I gotta get away more..

    Brad April 18, 2006, 12:48 pm
  • Speaking of fine adult beverages, Nick you might want to check out Toronado (547 Haight). Best beer selection in San Fran. Lots of stuff from across the pond. And an awesome brat place right next door.

    Nate April 18, 2006, 1:01 pm
  • Nate, thanks for the heads-up. I believe I was there briefly but it was too crowded to sit down and enjoy a beer.
    The brat place is great.

    NickYF April 18, 2006, 1:13 pm
  • Brad, I’m with you on Brooklyn Brewery. Their whole line is top-notch. You Guinness fans would love their Black Chocolate Stout, which is the ideal Winter beer, in my opinion. It also has approx twice the alcohol of Guinness (8.5% vs. 4.5% if memory serves). That’ll keep you warm when you can’t afford to pay your heating bills!

    airk April 18, 2006, 1:33 pm
  • beer is the great peace-maker on this site. During a particularly bad flame war in the future, I’ll just bring up the subject of hops and barley and all will be repaired.

    NickYF April 18, 2006, 1:48 pm
  • “To hear Sox fans tell it, the division, after 13 games, is already sewn up.”
    REally? Tell me where so I can slap them.
    “Meanwhile, up in the Great White North—yes, the Yankees are away for the 10th time in 13 games”
    Waaah waaah. Why don’t you write a letter to the schedule makers. I’m sure you won’t be bitching during your three 10- and 11-game homestands this summer.
    Pressure gettin to ya YF, or do you always bemoan the struggles of your boys in such a way?
    Oh yeah-
    Sorry to change the subject.

    Mayday Malone April 18, 2006, 2:02 pm
  • Edit: 10- and 11- DAY homestands.
    My bad.

    Mayday Malone April 18, 2006, 2:03 pm
  • nate – a friend of mind and I were in San Fran this past summer to catch a game at Bankrupt.com Stadium (or whatever they’re calling it this summer) and we happened on to Toranado. Great place. I think I’m thinking of the same place: weird two level door, dark, wood bar on the right, incredible selection of beers….
    Incidentally if any of you are ever in Philly you have to go to Monks. They have the best selection of Belgian beer outside of Belgium in the world. This isn’t hyperbole, they’ve been written up in beer magazines and the NY times.
    Required baseball-related comment: YF – I’ll take the over on the beanballs.

    mattymatty April 18, 2006, 2:23 pm
  • Yeah I agree Matty: I’ve been to the bar in Philly, and it’s a great place to stumble back from. I think I wrote about a few weeks ago when I told everyone that if they get the chance to get to Philly, it’s a great time. I was there watching the last two exhibition games with the Sox. While there I got tix for the reg season games for twenty bucks each and a hotel within walking distance for 88$/night (which is going to be pretty cheap after we split it 9 or 10 ways!)

    Brad April 18, 2006, 2:37 pm
  • brad – I’m going to be at one of those games in Philly, maybe more (I live in Philly). I know the hotel yr talking about (a Holiday Inn I think). If you have any questions about cool places to go or whatever, you should shoot me an email.

    mattymatty April 18, 2006, 3:08 pm
  • Matty, I’ll be with some friends ( we are indeed staying at the Holiday Inn), and we definitely plan on doing something. Last time we were there, we went to some place that had like 20 bars on one street. If you wanna get a beer at the game (I’ll be there all three days), shoot me an email. I’m sure we’ll talk about it as the day approaches.
    Barring the horrible, it’ll be Schilling on Friday, and Beckett on Sunday. I can’t wait. I’ll be in the Fens twice before that, but I’m really looking forward to that. We have seats right in CF for Friday and Saturday, and then in Section 33 on Sunday behind third base.

    Brad April 18, 2006, 3:35 pm
  • It’s a great park to go watch batting practice in as well.

    Brad April 18, 2006, 3:36 pm
  • something that i have always found funny is that when the sox play out my way in anaheim, the big A decides to offer SA Boston Lager. it sends me back to the days of hanging out at Bunghole Liquors.

    sf rod April 18, 2006, 4:04 pm
  • hahah –

    Brad April 18, 2006, 4:24 pm
  • It’s pretty funny how self-pitying Yankee rooters act as if the D-Rays coming to town is some kind of favoritism bestowed on Red Sox Nation… when New York recently completed a 3-game series against the worst team in baseball, the Royals.
    When you build your new stadium, Steinbrenner should rename his team the Bronx Cherry-Pickers.

    Hudson April 18, 2006, 5:47 pm
  • That’s the one mm. The individual glasses are a nice touch. I haven’t been yet, but have been trying to make a trip to the Rogue Brewhouse on Union in North Beach. They make some excellent beers as well and I fully recommend them to this apparently well-informed crowd.

    Nate April 18, 2006, 5:54 pm

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