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Meanwhile at Yankees Headquarters

There is some guy in the front office whose job it is to look at video like this over and over and over.

He’s probably also supposed to collect as many of the fantastically lurid articles about the Red Sox as possible.

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Imagine if Lucchino signs Yu Darvish. That’s about the only move that could generate real interest in the Sox this off-season. They’re not signing Fielder or Pujols. “We think Darvish is so good, we don’t care how bad the last mistake was.” Fans would expect the worst any ways, so what’s there to lose? They have the money.

That’s about the only move that could generate real interest in the Sox this off-season
This might be the most un-aware comment left on this site in years.

“This might be the most un-aware comment left on this site in years.”
I mean something to legitimately flip the humor. They could clean house and trade Youkilis but you guys need a real distraction. Like Pujols. Or Felix. Until they start winning games again, this town is going to be brutally negative. Why not make it farcical with Darvish? It would be quite the contrast to when folks were tracking Dice-K’s flight across the country.

Got it. I don’t think spending wads on an unproven Japanese pitcher is going to do much for the credibility of this ownership group at this point, it would almost be self-satire.
I think they should sign Pujols and put him at short.

“it would almost be self-satire.”
That’s my point! But it would be with winning in mind. Darvish is an excellent prospect. I’ve been wondering if they could convince Pujols to play 3B. He’s “only” 31.
Steinbrenner has shown you can always buy the fans back. The Sox only have to compete with the end of the Celtics and Bruins seasons. But they have the summer to themselves.

I don’t know how good Darvish will or won’t be in the bigs but I am not willing to pay the cash it’s going to take to find out. The Yankees need SP’ing, but not of this sort. How many times can you get burnt by a certain type of free agent before you learn your lesson? I am not mentally ready to start talking about FA’s, but if I am forced to have an opinion already I’d throw the money at CJ Wilson. Something tells me he’s not a NY guy (off the field) as he’s straight edge, but who knows. I’d rather them make a push for him than Darvish.

Just can’t get burnt again. Better make sure this kid can pitch (Igawa/Irabu/Contreras) and is healthy (Daisuke) before we throw 80 gazillion dollars at him.
Question: Why isn’t anyone talking about Pujols playing RF? He’s played 309 games in the OF. (PS – He’s also played one game at SS, SF…Hmmmm) Sure he hasn’t been out there in awhile but who cares. Especially in Yankee stadium. I am NOT saying they have to have him, but I am just curious as to why it hasn’t been discussed.

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