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Mediocrity in Action: Mariners-Sox Gamer II

Back in March who would have thought this thread title would apply to both teams?

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Crawford looks totally lost at the plate–he really seems to be trying to force it. I trust that things will eventually fall into place for him, but in the mean time it’s tough to watch.

Bradley’s hit was a solid liner the other way. That is on Lackey.
I think I need to quit this team for a couple weeks, they are abominable to watch again.

It was a defensive swing made on a good pitch on the outside of the plate. As a former pitcher I tend to be more apologist towards those sorts of events.
In contrast to Crawford, Ellsbury has been a pleasure to watch lately.

Not sure he is unraveling, but more just tiring. He doesn’t have overwhelming stuff to begin with, he should have been on a really short leash at 100+ pitches.

Six innings, two runs. End result not too bad. Not incredibly impressive pitching by Lackey but he did his job. Nobody else really doing theirs unfortunately.

Really, there was some bad luck last inning. But still, this team is pretty fucking anemic.
Thanks JD. Have fun watching the inning end from the middle of the infield.

Make that 0-11.
Infuriating, brutal baseball so far this year. That one good stretch might as well be a million years ago. The sample size is getting less small, and it still sucks.

Seriously, how do you lose four of five to the Orioles and Mariners, maybe 5 of 6, and be considered a good team?
When will the “it’s just unlucky BABIP” people (of which I am trying to remain one) start rethinking their position?

OK, I have to confess to something. The reason why the Sox are struggling is because I drafted about 6 of them in my fantasy league. It was a hedging strategy, and so far I feel sort of good about it and sort of bad too.
The Sox are hitting incredibly badly with RISP, which is generally a trend that doesn’t last a whole season. In other words, soon I assume games like these will be 6-2 victories for Boston, especially since they have such offensive talent. In the meantime, can anyone figure out what’s wrong with Crawford?

Gonzo walks. Tying run at the plate. Youk has been all or nada (or a walk) this year. So it’s a K or a dinger, we predict.

Youkilis, looking baffled, somehow hits the ball in fair territory. Muttering to himself, he jogs into second, looking very confused indeed. How did he get there? Why was he holding a polished stick of wood earlier? Why is he wearing such unstylish clothing?
As another large man walks to home plate, Youkilis wonders what he will do if the large man gets angry and starts beating people with his club. The man swings his bat, hard, but fortunately hangs on to it. A white sphere is caught by a man with a large glove. The ordeal appears to be over. Sighing with relief, Youkilis trots back to the cement pit containing similarly-unfashionable men. Maybe they can tell him just what is going on here.

Maybe the Sox will better at some point.
Not looking promising right now.
I am quitting baseball til June. Though I may not be able to keep my word.

“Back in March who would have thought this thread title would apply to both teams?”
Both teams? One’s in first; the other’s in last. I would have taken that in March!

“…I think he meant both the Sox and Mariners, James….”
oy…the first clue was that it was the title of the thread…
“…I am quitting baseball til June. Though I may not be able to keep my word….”
hopefully you don’t mean that sf…i do understand though…your team sucks right now, or at least is horribly inconsistent…it’s gotta be hard to watch…and if the tables were turned, i’d be fighting the urge to go fishing instead of watching games…in fact, i really haven’t watched that much baseball…i know it’s not fun, but the discussions are lacking if you don’t participate…

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