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Meeting Francisco: Twins-Yanks Gamer III

Future Yankee Francisco Liriano is on the mound for the Twins as the clubs play a getaway game. Comment away!

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Following game via game-day audio from my hotel in Qatar. Love Yanks clinging to a 4-3 lead as they head to the bottom of the 7th. Assuming Soriano will be on the mound again after having yesterday off, I sure hope he can redeem Tuesday’s atrocious outing…

Ugh – Nishioka not bending his knee and has to come out. Sterling says it was a clean take-out slide by Swisher. Of course, it’s Sterling so impossible to know for sure.

Infield pop-out. One out from Mo…come on…and Suzyn Waldman reports that Soriano said after Tuesday’s implosion that he did have some trouble focusing given that it was not a save situation or tight game. And because it is cold and he doesn’t throw as hard in the cold. Whatever. He gets another pop-up and the inning’s over. Exhale. Come on guys, wrap this one up and get on the plane to Boston!

Yeah Andrew – racking up those early saves is also nice to see in that it makes it more likely that he’ll be able to catch and pass Hoffman for all-time saves. He’s now 39 saves away from breaking Hoffman’s 601-mark. While playing his full career in the beastly AL East of course. It may sound corny but I really feel like being able to see Jeter become the only Yankee to ever get 3,000 hits and Mariano set that saves-mark with both doing it all for one team will be a real privilege.

Once Hoffman retired I don’t think it was ever in any doubt that Rivera would break his record.
This could indeed be a pretty awesome year for individual achievements.

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