Missile Command

From the outset we've suspected that YS2.5 might be a hitter's ballpark, but even we're a bit surprised by the 45 runs and 17 homers accumulated over 4 games, 2 of them exhibitions versus the Cubs and 2 more against the Tribe. Small sample? Yes. Still, it's a fairly overwhelming total, especially when coupled with the anecdotal reports about the ball carrying so easily to right field (6 homers in that direction today). Making the park bigger, if it should come to that–and we're along way from there—will not be easy. Also disturbing, word that the place, with its set-back upper deck and enlarged tea-and-crumpets sections down by the field, is a lot less loud than the previous park. But, you know, it's early. 

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I believe Popular Mechanics is preparing an article on the subject: Better Bombers Through Engineering
I mean home runs are memorable right? What better way to create new memories for a new park than guarantee home runs. They can’t lose! Well, unless the home runs are unevenly distributed between both teams, but it’s still a good idea.

I will have more to add on this having attended today’s game. That’s for later, after the buzz from my 26 dollar beer wears off.

It’s almost embarrassing (or should be) how on TV all the empty seats are down at field level!

I would hope it’s unevenly distributed! Maybe not this year, but when they built a team around it!

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