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Mistake at the Jake: Sox-Indians Gamer

Just think, if it weren’t for Dan Bard, closer no-longer-in-waiting, the Sox would be running away with the AL East. Or at least ahead by a game or a game and a half. Even weirder, everything I read around the intertubes leads me to think that it’s the catching, not the pitching, that is crippling the Olde Towne Team.

Tonight the Sox look to rebound from another bullpen crumble (that’s a couple in just a few days) as they send Josh Beckett to the hill to face Fausto Carmona. Comment about the action here.

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What is the Sox’ performance with a man on third and less than two outs? Gut tells me not good, but is this just dumb fan perception vs. reality? Does every fan think his team stinks situationally since failures sting more?

Lowrie crushes one to the edge of the wall in dead center. Wind blowing in keeps it to a sac fly. Shitty fucking luck again, but a good at-bat and productive. Game tied back up.

It is no fault of his but when Gonzo goes a couple of games without a big hit it feels like a massive slump. Damn these raised expectations!

Youk flies to right. Probably should have done better with the pitch he saw but a lead is good. Need an efficient inning from Beckett here.

Nice dig there by A-Gon. Poor defense by the Sox this inning, ball goes off Tek’s glove and Duncan takes second, the Crawford/Els near miss, and Lowery throwing on about 15 feet short of first.

Just saw Buck hit the homer. Not concerned until someone else gets on and the tying run is up…plus Papelbon’s first homer given up on the year says Orsillo.
Now Drew runs down Cabrera’s pop fly.
Game over–eat sh*t, Indians.
Beckett is crazy this year.

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