Model Behavior

Anna Benson, a former stripper, is the current queen. But she doesn’t mind battling another baseball beauty [Mike Piazza’s new fiance Alicia Rickter] for the distinction.

"I love the competition," she said yesterday while making a promotional appearance for the New York Sports Club. "I hope she’s prettier and sexier than me. That would just make me work harder". "The guys are competing all the time. Why shouldn’t we?"

This from a story on the gossip pages of the New York Daily News.  I am trying very hard not to make a chauvinistic comment, but what, exactly, does Anna have to "work harder at"?  Are she and Alicia going to see who can strut harder when walking to their club seats?   Who can show more calf getting out of their limo at the E gate at Shea?  I know Anna has already threatened to f– every guy at Shea if Kris Benson philanders, establishing a comprehensible standard for her potential NYC activites, but isn’t picking a catfight with a teammates’ new fiance just a bit declasse?

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