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Monday Morning Odds and Ends

On Friday Joe Girardi avoided getting too specific about his plans for the Yankees' teetering starting rotation beyond the Sox series: "nothing is etched in stone beyond this weekend".  Of course, when he said that, "this weekend" included a planned start by Dustin Moseley on Sunday night.  Turns out nothing was etched in stone beyond the mammoth Steinbrenner memorial in Monument Park.

Yesterday Girardi was in full defensive mode: "I never stated during the course of this that we weren't trying to win our division…I never said we were in the playoffs…I never made any guarantees."  You've got to wonder at moments like this whether Joe fantasizes about that job in Chicago – which will almost certainly pay more and take fewer years off his life.

In other news, according to the YES Network's Jack Curry (a great addition to the YES team incidentally),  Dustin Pedroia endorsed Robinson Cano for this year's AL MVP, saying that Josh Hamilton's injury and Cano's steady play this year would lead him – if he had a vote – to give it to Cano.  Sorry Miguel Cabrera.

Buster Olney points out that since Mariano pitched two innings on September 10, his numbers have been thoroughly un-Mo-like: 5.2 IP, 9 hits, 6 ER, three blown saves.

And finally, A-Rod's clutch go-ahead 2-run HR in the 7th inning last night came on an 0-2 pitch off the guy (Dice-K) against whom A-Rod had his worst career numbers of all pitchers – both active and retired – against whom he has accumulated at least 15 PA's.  When A-Rod came up the ESPN announcers cited a stat that Matsuzaka had held A-Rod to his second worst career BA among active pitchers, but in fact, if you include the two previous AB's in last night's game, in which A-Rod struck out and grounded into a double play, A-Rod was 1-for-18 career vs. Matsuzaka for a .056 BA, the same worst-ever average as he compiled against the now-retired Darrell May, but with one more strikeout, one less walk, and one fewer RBI than he compiled vs. May.

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Papelbon is giving last nights umpire some share in the blame. I can’t say I blame him. Watching the game, I thought many of those pitches were strikes before they showed them to be so on the K-Zone.
A Yanks win is a Yanks win, but I hate to see them come because of an umpire with a tiny strike zone. Let’s just hope the umpires don’t rule the playoffs this year like they did last year.

I though lots of his pitches were close Dusty but there was only one that I thought was a legit blown call, and that was the 1-2 to Teixeira which preceded his walk and Cano’s game-tying single. So yeah, a big one to be sure, but I thought Papelbon was rolling his eyes and acting like a bit of a cry-baby in reaction to pitches that were similarly-close to pitches Mo threw and didn’t get called as strikes either. Maybe I was watching through my Yanks-tinted glasses…I did not double check the K-zone after the game, so this was/is just my impression. Regardless, I share your hope re: the post-season umpiring.

Dear all: my apologies for the inaccurate post, but my calculation of A-Rod’s career numbers vs. Matsuzaka assumed that the figures I looked up at this morning had already been updated, which they had not. So when A-Rod faced Dice-K last night (including the 2 failed ABs he had against him prior to his 7th-inning HR) his career BA vs. Dice-K was actually .095 (not .056) and therefore 2nd-worst for A-Rod against active pitchers with at least 15 PAs – his only worse numbers being vs. CJ Wilson (active) and Dustin McGowan (ret) and Darrell May (ret). Again, sorry about that…

Yikes on AJ’s night. Is anyone else thinking the safest thing the Yanks can do in the playoffs is to go with CC, Phil, and Andy as the starters? Phil hasn’t been great lately, but he keeps the team in the game. There is just no way we can try to rely on AJ, Nova, Vazquez or Moseley. I’m even wondering if AJ and Vazquez deserve a spot on the postseason roster.

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