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More Beast Action: Jays-Sox Gamer II

Talented rookie southpaw Brett Cecil faces off against Brad Penny as the Jays continue their visit to Fenway. Lineups follow, comment away.

M. Scutaro ss .283
A. Hill 2b .343
A. Rios rf .264
V. Wells cf .253
A. Lind dh .314
S. Rolen 3b .311
L. Overbay 1b .237
R. Barajas c .313
T. Snider lf .240
B. Cecil lhp 1.80
J. Ellsbury cf .305
D. Pedroia 2b .315
D. Ortiz dh .203
K. Youkilis 1b .393
J. Bay lf .294
M. Lowell 3b .289
R. Baldelli rf .200
J. Varitek c .231
J. Lugo ss .314
B. Penny rhp 6.69

85 replies on “More Beast Action: Jays-Sox Gamer II”

10-pitch inning for Penny. Don’t like the hard hits, but whatever.
I’m calling it tonight: Ortiz and Youk are both hitting homers.

Nope! Last month I declared that Ellsbury was going to break otu of his slump and begin his quest for the 2009 batting title, and he went 3 for 4.
We’ll see, at least.

What the fuck Papi? Fastball right down the middle, Ortiz with a weak dribbler to first.
There aren’t boos, but Fenway is conspicuously silent. Seeing Ortiz’ depressed face after each at-bat is starting to get to me.

Yaz hit a home run in Game No. 6 in 1971, and had nine homers and an .877 OPS after 72 games — a season in which he finished with just 15 homers.

A popup ends the inning, no damage. 43 pitches after 3, not too shabby so far.
Paul > Joe C

Ahh, here it is: From Sept. 4, 1971 through July 21, 1972, Yaz went 71 games without a home run. That was a different time though. Yastrzemski managed just 15 homers in ’71 and 12 in ’72 — probably leading many to speculate he was winding down at age 32 — but his OPS+ was still pretty solid, 113 and 118, and then he rebounded for two more great years before settling into the good-not-great level he occupied for the rest of his career.

Who is the guy catching for us this year? I really don’t recognize him.

Nice Paul. Anyone can have a really weak second half though; starting the season off a hitter should be fresh. Yaz’ homerless streak really isn’t much of a comparison I think, especially considering his solid OPS+ that you mentioned.
Varitek makes it a 1-0 game. Great success!

Speaking of different times and all, Yaz in 1972 was playing in an offensive environment rated an 88 on (in which 100 is average and over 100 is better for hitters compared to an all-time average OBP/SLG of .335/.400). Ortiz this season is playing in an environment rated at 115. Totally different.

Youkilis raises his average to .400
Varitek raises his OPS to .806
Lugo raises his average to .327

Bunt pop-up for a single, off Cecil’s glove. He’s likely out of the game with an injured shoulder.
Great effort from a rookie though.

Crowd cheering somewhat loudly for Papi. This is the at-bat right here, I can feel it.

First pitch another fastball right down the middle, fouled off. Second pitch a great breaking ball. Third pitch another fastball right down the middle, with a half-hearted swing from Papi.
Okay, I’m going to stop jinxing our players now. Apologies all around.

Jeez, when has Ortiz even last gotten a hit? Showing zero sign of coming out of his career-threatening slump.

Actually Andrew he’s reached base in 22 of his last 23 games. Thankfully he’s still getting a lot of walks, though I don’t know why with Youk and Bay hitting behind him.
I’d say it’s about 75% mental at this point. You can see it in his body language, on his face, in his interviews.

53 pitches after 4. 8 flyballs, all of them to center, which isn’t a bad thing considering Lugo is playing SS.

Swisher-Cano-Melky go back-to-back-to-back. Gotta spread those homers around to players not named Arod or Teixeira.

Pedroia triples, but Ellsbury is out at home on a great diving tag by Barajas. Damn.

Yankees fans: boo their players after one bad day
Sox fans: cheering “Let’s go Papi!” two months into the season

Okay, did I call it at the beginning of the gamer or what? Ortiz getting assaulted with hugs and highfives in the dugout.
Be afraid, AL East. Papi has arrived.

Awesome. Just awesome. The fan reaction has been awesome these past two days, and he deservedly gets the standing O and the curtain call.
And a big home run, to boot. A tremendous drive that blows the game open.

Good for David, but it would have been pretty sad if he couldn’t hit a homerun off of THIS guy.

Did he?
I’m just mad because, while I actually wanted the Sox to take 2/3 from the Fluke Jays, I didn’t want them to *sweep*.

IBM, the replay showed the glove BARELY brushed Ellsbury, if at all. From the ump’s angle it looked like a clear out though.

Ellsbury just tied the Red Sox record for putouts in an inning (10). The MLB record is 12.

I’m really glad Papi ended his drought, and don’t want to spoil the party, but in that inning it seemed like anyone could hit a homer…

D’oh, of course meant game.
Way to kill the mood Hudson. Cecil was looking good before Ortiz broke it open there.

To be fair I got it from DO and Eck on
Look at David Ortiz. So much fucking swagger. He’s got his mojo back, you can see it on his face.

Hey, like I said, I’m thrilled by the end of the drought. Tring not to pay any attention to Papi just getting called out on strikes, though…

Props to Papi and Penny. Penny really doesn’t deserve my hate the last few starts; thanks for the effort, Brad.

You’re right IBM–all groundouts and strikeouts, except for a pop out to the catcher last inning. Crazy.

Ortiz with another crush to center, ends up a double. Seriously, Papi is mentally here.

I was thinking the same thing. His ERA may only be 3.60, but he’s looked awful whenever he appears. Maybe we can get a catching prospect for him.

Oh, and the best part of the night was when Ortiz went into the dugout after the homer, everyone gave him the cold shoulder and pretended like nothing had happened. Then Pedroia grabs him and pushes him into the rest of the team, who engulf him in a big bear hug. Teary-eyed.

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