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Mo[re] Drama! Yanks-Sox Gamer II

Wow. Okay. That was some way to kick things off. And today has the promise of another memorable episode in The Greatest Rivalry In Sport, with the erstwhile Marlins AJ Burnett and Josh Beckett facing off in a marquee matchup on national television. Last night was low-scoring kind of by accident and despite a ton of men on the pads. Today, one suspects, runs will be hard to come by again, but you never know. As we like to say, these teams just wear each other out. Meanwhile, roster moves from the Yanks:

-Chien-Ming Wang has been placed on the DL with a severe case of Homeritis* a "hip" injury. 
-Cody Ransom has been placed on the DL for being Cody Ransom with a leg strain.
-Brian Bruney has been placed on the DL because the Yanks can't catch a break with some kind of elbow thing that is either (a) not serious or (b) a major problem.
-David Robertson, Angel Berroa, and Mark Melancon are their replacements. 
*From WebMD: Homeritis: A severe inflamation of the ERA. Can be extremely painful, but generally more for the fans of the patient than the patient himself.

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143 replies on “Mo[re] Drama! Yanks-Sox Gamer II”

i’ll kick us off: nice piece by alan schwarz in the nyt today on beckett. don’t have to read between the lines much to figure out that josh beckett is probably not the best guy to hang out with at a bar.
helluva pitcher though!

Beckett not looking (sounding?) especially sharp so far. The radio guys seem to think he’s getting squeezed a bit too.

Well, guess that could have been worse. Let’s get to Burnett for the first time in, oh, ever.

beckett closing in on 90 pitches after 4. he may go another but the yanks gonna get deep into the bullpen here a day after extras. nice.

Dr. Beckett cruising through the likely-stunned Yankees lineup in that inning. Hope to see more of him and less of Mr. Where’s the Strike Zone Again.

I’m not sure, it seems entirely possible that I’m hallucinating this whole thing. Up to and including Papi’s bat coming to life with a wall ball double.
Announcer understatement: “Burnett looking very unhappy.”

Youks hit by the pitch! All loaded up!
Surely this isn’t really happening. I’m going to wake up and have to relive this whole day until this point…

“a better team, period”
Right this second, probably. Yanks aren’t at full strength. I’m not comfortable saying either team is clearly stronger right now, so many unexpected struggles for so many people on both teams.

This has been an amazing pair of games. Beckett still on the mound in the sixth. He could wind up winning this thing. Unbelievable…
Shut ’em down, Josh.

I’m sick of the excuses…there is enough talent on this team to win games, yet they don’t. This team with all it’s changes, looks exactly like last year…if not worse.

Boom! Instant two-spot.
The starting pitching has really been a cripple fight, huh, guys

Well, by the strict definition of the words comprised in the phrase, yes, Hudson, yes, I am. :-)
Delcarmen shows the big boys how to pitch around allowing a baserunner. Let’s get that lead back!

why not load them up and give up yet another grand slam…what’s the record for most GS’s given up in the first month of the season?

Well, sac fly is better than nothing, but Pedroia stupidly tries to advance to second and is tagged out. Why would you do that with Youkilis coming up?
At least the Sox have the lead, but I could see that coming back to bite us.

I know, I feel lame complaining about anything after the team comes back from 6-0, but that was infuriating.

Seriously, THAT’S how the Sox are going to cough up the lead? That’s annoying.
Hey, Damon picked off! Well, that’s a little bit of consolation.

Man, and I was hoping the Sox pen would be able to hold this one down. 12-11 now.
The amazing thing here is Fenway isn’t even a home run park. It’s a doubles park with a right field that is homer-unfriendly, a center field that is very homer-unfriendly, and a left field that arguably takes away as many dingers as it grants.
I think the juiced ball theory is gaining credibility with every day.

I really want to go get something to eat, but am afraid that I’ll miss another six runs if I leave again.

Agreed on the juiced ball theory… HR’s up 6% across the league is, uh, statistically improbable. (And makes Papi’s lack of a single dinger even more concerning.)

Might this be one of the ugliest baseball games ever? It is certainly one of the ugliest I have ever seen/seen part of (didn’t get watching until about three innings ago).

Seems like a distinct possibility, though I can think of a few one-sided massacres that were uglier for the losing team.

…? ESPN gamecast just took a run away from NYY and says it’s 12-9, Boston. I wish!

And he didn’t even need to steal the base, now they’re giving them out for free! ;)

Drew apparently saving all his hits for tomorrow… and we have yet another pitching change…

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