More Fun with Google Maps

Another fun day experimenting with Sox/Yanks stuff on Google Maps.  Do a search for "New York City", and then within that result do a further search for "A-Rod" and the following places pop up:

  • "A-Rod Grocery Corp", Brooklyn
  • "Arod’s Wine and Liquor", Bronx
  • United States Goverment EPA (?!), Manhattan

A similar search for "Giambi" brings us to:

  • "Last Licks", in Scarsdale
  • "Yankee Stadium: Executive Office", Bronx (is Jason getting a talking-to?)
  • "New York Mets", Queens (what does Google know that we don’t?)

On the Boston side of things, after having zoomed in on Beantown, search for "Johnny Damon".  This takes us to:

  • "Boston Red Sox Ballclub"
  • "Wild Flour Catering", Charlestown (Iron Chef Damon!?)
  • "Falafel King", Boston (unlikeliest nickname ever?)

On the other hand, searching for "Ortizzle" gives us just a message stating "We could not understand the location Ortizzle", while "Big Papi" takes us to the Fogg Art Museum and the Emerson College Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.  Professor Ortiz in the house!

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