More on the playoffs: There

More on the playoffs: There are too many teams to return to a two-division system without wild cards. You wind up with too many meaningless games down the stretch. And I’m against contraction as a policy. If anything, baseball should be looking to expand by tapping into growing markets and talent from Latin America, Asia, Australia, and even Europe. This requires an entire rethinking of baseball’s monopolistic structure and its labor and minor league policies, and of course that’s not likely to happen in the near future. But anything less than a wholisitic solution to baseball’s ills–starting with an examination of the gross exploitaiton of Latin labor–is simply band-aiding. The best solution would be expansion to 4 divisions per league, and the elimination of the wild card altogether. Obviously, we’re a long way from this. (The economist Andrew Zimbalist and the late writer Leonard Koppett have made some prudent suggestions regarding MLB reformation, but perhaps we can save such discussions for the off-season) As it is, I am against artificially stacking the playoffs against the wild card team, and I assume the PA would rightly reject any such system (why should wild-card players be forced to play all those extra games without an equal chance at the prize?). 4 out of 15 teams now make it into the AL playoffs. That seems a good percentage. I’m open to reform, but have yet to hear of a reasonable way to accomplish it within the current parameters. ยท

Posted by YF on 9/21/2003 02:52:49 PM