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Mother’s Day Yanks-Sox Gamer

Thanks, Moms. Now it’s time to listen to the dulcet tones of Jon Miller. Oh, and Joe Morgan.

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Dallas Braden throws a no-no. Guess he’s now earned the right to be a dick about people gettin up on his mound.
His mother died of cancer when he was a teen. Pretty special moment with him hugging his grandmother and crying after the game.

Funny how him throwing a perfect game really has nothing to do with ARod and the incident over two weeks ago that was much ado about nothing but of course the ESPN folks threw it out there every chance they could…so ridiculous.
OK, Lester vs AJ…here we go!!

OK, so let’s see if we can return the favor??? Lester looks tough but he just sat for an hour so maybe he’s rusty!!! COME ON BOYS!!! RALLY TIME!!!

A-Rod actually manages to say the exact right thing:
““I’ve learned in my career, it is much better to be recognized for all the great things you do on the field,” Rodriguez said. “Good for him, he threw a perfect game. And better yet, he beat the Rays.””
This has to be some kind of first.

I think I’m going to watch “The Pacific”…not getting a great vibe from this game. Won the series though so this game was a bonus anyway. Lot of innings left…I’m torn.

No one upset by his fist pumps after each and every out? No? Anyone? I was hoping for a liner off his scrotum.
Well, tomorrow is an automatic loss with Vazquez so best we can do is split. Oh well.

funny quote on the NESN post game interview with Pedroia – asked about Van Every’s play in RF… “he’s good – we run prevented them” he smiled and walked away…

I don’t even know why I like him??? I get all the criticism but I still find myself listening to WFAN…
I do like all the New YORK-ah’s screaming at him and each other. That’s fun!

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