MOY: In Your Face, Loria!

Jim Leyland and Joe Girardi were selected as Managers Of The Year. Personally, I have not had much time to think about the fast track on which Don Mattingly has been placed to succeed Joe Torre. I have to admit, as much as Donnie Baseball means to me, I have been pining for Joe G to succeed Joe T.

There’s no doubt that Leyland deserves this honor. Back in April, my baby’s momma, my friend Troy, and sf rod were the three people I know who gave les Tigres a fart’s chance in a thunderstorm.

Joe G? Well, I think Willie would have been a good choice as well. Just pick any ex-yankee. ;) Anyway, the scourge on regular season baseball that is the state of Florida (keep to the grapefruit league, nuggets!) just tossed one sharp cookie out of bed for eating crackers. Congratulations, Joe.

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  • No surprises there, for me, it’s hard to go wrong on either of the ex-Yankees..
    Funny thing, Loria went to my high school. But he’s such as asshole, it seems..

    Lar November 15, 2006, 4:18 pm

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