Murray, Murray, Murray

SF fave Murray Chass is all over Cashman and the Yanks front office today for botching the offseason. How? By not acquiring Juan Pierre. Oy. Murray likes Pierre because he seems to think he gets on base a lot, and because he seems to think he’s a good defensive player, and—best of all—because he is reminiscent of Mickey Rivers, and Murray likes Mickey Rivers anecdotes. And, oh yeah, he hit .333 against the Yanks in the 2003 WS (sample size!!!). A dose of reality: As has been repeatedly noted elsewhere in the Yankee blogosphere, Pierre’s OBP is way too dependent on his average, he has no power, and he’s a mediocre defender—basically, a marginal improvement over the Womack-in-center experiment, a debatable improvement over Crosby, but by no means worth trading away minor league prospects.

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  • Note to Murray:
    I, along with most other Sox fans that I know of, was upset that the Yanks didn’t trade for Pierre. What a moron.

    Laura December 11, 2005, 1:18 pm
  • Not going to touch Chass, since it’s not fair to pick on the infirm, but as for the Boston press, in today’s Globe there is a huge headline reading “RED SOX DISCUSS CLEMENS”, which to me isn’t news. Were “Red Sox” and “Clemens” reversed in that headline then we’d have something to talk about. Any team would be stupid not to make contact with the Hendricks and see how much it would take to get Roger interested, to determine if he’ll come at a reasonable sum. This is not headline-worthy, it’s just the Sox acting common-sensically.

    SF December 11, 2005, 1:39 pm
  • I admit to being ‘out of the loop’ on baseball’s goings on this off-season. This entry, however, just gave me fodder for my next debate on the subject with the husband. Thanks. :) Until now all I had was “Is Cashman locked in a closet or something? What’s he doing?!”

    Sandy December 11, 2005, 10:55 pm

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