Murray the Grinch

Maybe he found coal in his X-Mass stocking. Whatever the reason, Murray Chass has used his column today to proclaim that the marquee Yankee centerfield postition isn’t so special (its greatness is a “myth,” a “trite and overblown notion”), that there have only been 3 great players at that position (Combs, DiMaggio, Mantle), that Bernie Williams doesn’t qualify (nevermind that his stats stand up pretty well in comparison to Combs’), and that Damon isn’t likely to join the list either. Also, Bobby Murcer was a disappointment. Happy Holidays!

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  • How many teams have ever had “a Mantle” or “a DiMaggio” play center? (And I don’t mean Dom.) This is a silly article.
    It’s like saying Mr. October was no Babe Ruth in right field, or Manny’s no Ted Williams in left — well who was?
    Some of the center fielders Chass lists were pretty good. Mickey Rivers was “a Juan Pierre,” but better. Rickey may have preferred left, but what a combination when Rickey hit first and Donny hit third.
    Johnny can talk about being the best leadoff hitter today, but Rickey’s probably the best of all time.

    john yf December 27, 2005, 11:07 am

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