Yeah, it’s way too early for this discussion, but we’d be remiss not to give a little credit to two players who appear to be keeping their teams not just afloat but in the leads of their respective divisions despite a rash of injuries to their mates: Manny & Vlad. When these two come up to the plate against your team, you just want to go into another room. They seem in total control of every at bat, no matter the pitcher, and with Vlad you have the added bonus of a nuclear-powered, deadly accurate arm. Bravo.

For the record:
Manny: .365 ba, .441 obp, 8 hr, 24 rbi
Vlad: .348 ba, .402 obp, 8 hr, 28 rbi

Honorable mention (we have yet to see his Tigers in action):
Pudge: .352 ba, .391 obp, 7 hr, 32 rbi

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