My enthusiasm with Ramiro’s recent

My enthusiasm with Ramiro’s recent performance appears to have been misguided. His last 2 starts have been atrocious (14.54 e.r.a) and he’s taxed the pen. I actually don’t see how they leave Kim as the closer if he makes one more bad start and the Sox don’t move on another proven thrower. Two closers seems like a luxury the Red Sox don’t need and can’t afford, especially if their 4 and 5 starters are lost causes (I have zero faith in Burkett, unlike you). If I were them, I’d move Freddy Sanchez or others (excepting Kevin Youkilis) + $$$ to prize Javier Vazquez from the Expos. Getting Vazquez would allow them to keep Kim as a closer, and also act as insurance for Pedro and/or Lowe when they are ready to bolt in 2005 – they might be able to lock him up for under market at this point (though he is making 6M this year).

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