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New Tactic: Yanks-Sox Gamer VIII


There, that oughta fix their wagon.

Lineups follow, comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .295
J. Damon lf .291
M. Teixeira 1b .296
A. Rodriguez 3b .231
R. Cano 2b .293
N. Swisher rf .256
H. Matsui dh .253
M. Cabrera cf .293
F. Cervelli c .271
C. Sabathia 3.56
D. Pedroia 2b .310
J.D. Drew rf .262
K. Youkilis 1b .350
J. Bay lf .278
M. Lowell 3b .296
D. Ortiz dh .196
J. Varitek c .242
R. Baldelli cf .259
N. Green ss .278
B. Penny 5.85

394 replies on “New Tactic: Yanks-Sox Gamer VIII”

Flusher in RF and god-OUT-za DH…game over. What are you thinking Joe you nimrod?????
I must be some kind of masochist…why am I watching this stupid game???

I am glad I need to go to a Little League game tonight. After an hour, I’m sure all SFs will have given up.

What’s wrong with NESN? Eckersley is a homer but the coverage is great aside from that.

I think Fenway looks really cool…especially all the bars outside the park. I don’t think I would go though, people would probably ruin it for me…

Krueg, that’s why you watch NESN via, where you don’t get any Bruins coverage ;-) It’s all baseball here.
Great interview from Francona there about the 7-0 streak.

Btw, I’m watching the HD stream from… and I can see every hair from Eck’s glorious mustache.

I’m just outside of Boston. I get YES but they block out all the games. MLB forces out-of-market fans to buy the internet package and I won’t! They show the pre-game and post-game but they don’t even show the replay. Instead it’s hours upon hours of Centerstage.

Krueg, don’t be silly, this isn’t the 80’s or 90’s any more, you’re more than safe to attend a game at America’s Most Beloved Ballpark and you would be welcomed with open arms.

YES Network baby!!!! THe #1 regional sports network in the country!!!! At least we’re #1 at something…
I don’t have to watch NESN feeds anymore when I watch the Sabres bitch slap the Poo-ins anymore…DirecTV has both feeds now for all sports. ;)

Yup, when I saw I had YES I was psyched. First game they had Centerstage and I was pissed.
Right now? Charlie Gibson on Centerstage!

Wow, since I have HD streaming there’s a good 60-90 second buffer. I need to be careful reading the comments here.

Youk is getting a real nice fastball right around the shoulders. I would love to see him complain about that one.

Wow, Francona is whining? I guess the team’s mentality comes from the top after all.

Penny throws 97 mph? And he still sucks? What a waste. He can’t find one other decent pitch?

Umpires getting together after the HBP. Interesting.
Sure enough, both sides warned.

Agreed Krueg, it’s the first inning which is when a pitcher is most wild. Let the players play damnit.

I mean, if Sabathia throws inside to Youk and it gets away and hits him, he could be ejected. Now I hate Sabathia and it would help the Red Sox if he was ejected in the 2nd inning, but that’s totally lame.
Penny’s velocity is at 97 and he’s hitting that high-outside spot over and over, which is where Varitek is framing the glove. Maybe we’ll have a good night from Penny.

Sure are a lot of white people in Massachusetts…
There, fixed it for you Krueg!

Look, Boston’s main fanbase is milquetoast college kids, who can afford to go to the games. The “sure are a lot of white folk”, while true, is pretty old.

Cano ends the inning, though a shitload of pitches thrown. 11 just from Cano.
Aside from that, Penny is looking great. Fastball hitting 98, hitting his locations, curveball really working well.

The whole Red Sox Racist, Boston Racist, etc, etc, crap perpetuated by Yankees fans based on nothing in the control of this generation of fans or Red Sox owner/management. You know exactly what you were saying.
Almost all white people at YS2 now too, if you haven’t noticed. That must make NYC a racist city, right?

Hey, remember the last time NeedsABathia pitched in Fenway? Ahh those were good times.
On that note, I miss Schilling.

well…porkchop looks about as good as the rest of our crap pitchers. Maybe it’s like when girls that hang out get their periods synced up? Now our pitchers are synced up with terribleness???

Group vote boys…should I start drinking??? Maybe that’s the problem??? I’m on hiatus from the hippie lettuce so maybe a few brews will help???

Did you drink last night and Tuesday, Krueg? Because I think you should keep doing what you’ve been doing, whatever that is. Wouldn’t want to mess with the mojo.

Sorry to jump on you Krueg but you have to know that is a seriously sore subject with the way some Yankees fan use it combined with the history of Tom Yawkey. Every team in baseball carries a shared shameful history with race.

Apology accepted brother. I really meant nothing by it. I didn’t mean to insinuate anything…just being stupid. I have never heard anyone make that claim about Boston but I can understand why it would make you upset…

Guys, I realized what the problem was: I wasn’t wearing my Yankees Suck shirt. It’s on now, so we can start scoring runs in droves.

we have not had good luck with Japanese players…god-OUT-za, igawa, fat p-ssy toad…we need to try South Korea or something. Taiwan sucks too!!!

Yeah, it’s a subject that has been dragged out several times which is really stupid, because New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world, while Massachusetts is as white as Canada.

I don’t care that Penny just walked Matsui, he’s pitching very well, hitting the corners with ease. DP now in effect.

I’m not “that guy”, no; I’m generally jovial towards Yankees fans because I want to see if they’re real fans, or just someone wearing the NY hat. I keep it civil unless it’s a close game, or if the guy is being a douche.

I hate those “got rings” shirts too…it is no fun watching games with the dark side of our fanbases, thus my anxiety to see fenway.

Yeah Krueg, both our teams have those douchebags on them. Who gives a shit that you have 26 rings? This is baseball, the rest of us care about what’s going on right now.
The Red Sox bragging stuff are equally stupid, though none come immediately to mind.

Penny with 50 pitches through 2 IP.
Seriously, Flusher? Two nights in a row with your head up your ass?


SWISHER GETS DOUBLED OFF! Holy crap how did that happen again?
In his defense, I thought that ball was a double for sure coming off the bat.

I just remove myself from those conversations before they start…I have met SO many cool Sox fans and a friendly rivalry is much more fun than the stupidity.

Three homers in what, 5 games? He’s back ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah Krueg, that’s why YFSF is so much fun: we keep it a friendly rivalry.

oh wait, yes I do…
AHAHAHA this made me laugh so much Krueg. Don’t ever change buddy.

Holy crap Green is swinging with all his might like Pedroia. Only far less effective.

Boy…SO glad we paid him $200 billion to suck so much ass. awesome.
CC= garbage
AJ= garbage
Pettitte= garbage
Joba= we’ll see
Wang= worse than garbage, human waste mixed with garbage
Hughes= we’ll see

Rob, Ortiz also has an OPS over 1.000 for June now too.

Yeah Rob, Masterson. And whaddaya know, he hasn’t pitched in 4 days (and he only went .2 then). Guess they were saving him for tonight.

I’m about to bail for a movie with the wife. At least I made it through 2 tonight.

Why are you throwing to first penny??? just strike out choke-rod so i can have a smoke!!!
penny hit alyssa milano…nice work bradley!!!

Stick around Rob, the third inning has been the fun one for Yankees starters so far!

Pinella – another cost of keeping Torre for another year (when he should have lost his job for batting A-Rod 8th).

big surprise…choke-rod K’s…again. I mean, it’s not even fun going off on him anymore because he is so putrid. what a worthless piece of sh-t.

Top of the order for Sabathia here. Come on big fella, give up like 10 runs here. All the cool kids are doing it!

Wasn’t fat-fat supposed to be some kind of awesome ace strikeout pitcher???? he nibbles like the rest of our horrendous staff…i hate him.

Yeah, I’ve tried breaks before. They never work for me if I have. Now that it’s almost legal here, I don’t think I’ll ever stop again. I sleep better, I feel better, I eat better.

I hear ya…my wife is getting her PHD so when I have it around, it distracts her so I try to only get some every month or so. The breaks suck!!!! KINDA LIKE THE CHOKE-MEES!!!

A good sweeping curveball, inside but close enough. When was the last time we had a consistent umpire?

Couldn’t even finish that before CAN’T-O went down like a little bitch…

this is just unreal. i mean, we can’t score any runs on brad f-cking penny??? we have to win this game. HAVE TO. going to lose with out ace on the mound, and i use the term ace VERY lightly against the sox worst pitcher????? seriously???? i mean, how f-cking pathetic can they be???? is choke-rod become the team mascot or something???

Geez, two infield singles in a row.
Hey Jim Nantz: you seem like a nice guy, but please leave the booth. Nobody gives a shit about your book, we’re trying to watch a baseball game.

Mike Lowell ends the inning.
Penny at 79 pitches after 4. Extremely solid so far.

the sox completely, totally, absolutely OWN the choke-mees. end of story. we have got to be the most mentally weak team in the history of the f-cking world…aside for the early 90’s bills of course.

…you were right Krueg. Though the 5th inning is the death inning for our starters.

And I come by my Sox fandom honestly – I inherited it from my now almost 80 year old Indian dad who became a fan in the 60s!

JOHNNY DAMON DROPS A CAN OF CORN! And then he pretends like something was in his eye! Smooth Damon.
And Ortiz wasn’t running, so he’s only on first.

Yeah am! I inherited it from my dad (who lived in Boston as a kid) before living in Boston for 2 years. I am, sadly, a pale white redhead.

Here comes the top of the mighty choke-mee order!!!! look out world!!!!
we should erect windmills in front of homeplate while we bat…green energy source could power new england for a month.

this series is going to destroy our season…looks like we have regressed to the beginning of the season. jays are winning. rays are getting healthy.
boy Ath, penny sure is getting rocked. not.

boy Ath, penny sure is getting rocked. not.
You’re just jealous because my reverse-jinx was stronger than yours.

i mean, do the sox have that great of a psychological advantage that brad penny is somehow the second coming of schilling or something???
i need some green. i’m seriously cracking up right now.

damon misplays another ball…bring up austin jackson, start gardner. outfield of melky, gardner and jackson would at least be solid defensively. cut god-OUT-za and flusher. damon can dh for the rest of the year and then SEE YA AS-SHOLE!!!

did we just turn a dp? really? i had forgotten what those were…unless we were hitting into them of course. from a defensive perspective i mean…

choke-rod due up…you would think he would man up once in awhile and shut up all the fans talking sh-t about him. but alas, he isn’t choke-rod for nothing.

it’s so nice to see all the choke-mees laughing, having a good time while they are getting DESTROYED by the sox…just warms my f-cking heart.

Masterson pitched .2 innings on June 4, .2 innings on June 7, and not since then. PREDICTION: Masterson is going to be traded.

Seriously why isn’t Masterson warming up? He’s pitched a total of 1.1 innings in all of June!

me either bro…we go to the Buffalo’s on Hack’s Cross, quite a few Sox fans out there. Mostly Cards though. Cards fans talk MAD sh-t to me…I hate them now.

penny really sucks, huh Ath? not. bastard. it is in fact the choke-mees that suck. in every situation, in every way, every position, every coach, down to the f-cking janitors in the stadium and the urinals. total and complete suckage.

MATSUI STRIKES OUT! The things Brad Penny accomplished tonight:
-6 shutout innings against the Yankees
-Made himself far more tradeable
-Guaranteed that the Sox will get something OKAY in return for him when we trade him, which will:
-Make room for Buchholz in the rotation
Penny just killed like 4 birds with one stone.

Sure, you can have that one.
Really though, aside from the Ortiz HR, this is apparently clinic in ‘why you do not have to be in shape to pitch in a major league game.’
Bets on who comes out in relief in the 7th? I’m thinking Masterson, but he hasn’t been used much recently.

Our vaunted bullpen has looked a little shaky the last couple of games . . . yesterday was too close at the end. And now this.

I’m rocking back and forth in my chair like Francona. My blood pressure can’t handle this.

Seriously wtf happened to Masterson? He should be in the game right now to get a double-play. This is BS.

what kind of man just stands up there and take nothing but the most heinous abuse and does nothing about it??? you are not even a man choke-rod.

Great, and the Royals bullpen just blew Zach Greinke’s lead, so no win tonight for him on my fantasy team. Throw in some girlfriend problems and the Yankee comeback and you’ve got a shitty night.

dump her bro…you don’t have to put up with BS. No reason to fight if you love someone. Mrs. Krueg and I never fight. Made that agreement when we started dating.

Well we’ve been dating three and a half years, and both graduated, and she’s living at home working part-time, which is two hours away from me. Her ex-boyfriend is in town, whom I have a HUGE problem with, and they’re hanging out tonight. Bleh.
I don’t understand why MDC was allowed to stay out there and f*ck the game up for so long. Seriously, is Masterson even in the bullpen anymore? Was he demoted to AAA while I wasn’t looking? Did we trade him for a first-round pick yesterday?

I could see keeping him in after the single – but then a run scoring double by Cervelli and Tito still kept him in to face the top of the Yankee bats . . . this game got to be no fun fast.

…and why the hell is she hanging out with her ex-boyfriend??? that is not cool at all. even if she is cool, you know he isn’t. What guy hangs out with their ex-girlfriend???
sorry to get all Dr. Phil boys…

My thoughts exactly, Krueg. Google maps says that if you leave Memphis now you should get here around 10:00. I’ll bring the liquor.

I have alot of pent up aggression, as you can tell…would not be good for him. I haven’t had a good dust-up in quite a few years.
You tell your girl that krueg said to cut it out!!!
GET IN THE KITCHEN AND MAKE ME A POT PIE…that’s what you tell her!

So why was Penny taken out when he was doing his “I’m a legit pitcher” impression anyway . . .

He’s a total douchebag too; plays the guitar, thinks he’s good, a total tool. We met several years ago and he mentioned something about Led Zeppelin (my favorite band) being full of no-talent girls, and when I told him that Zeppelin is the greatest band ever he told me that I wouldn’t understand because I’m not a musician.
Anyone who hates Zeppelin should be euthanized.

For the life of me I do not know why he wasn’t brought it with runners on in the 7th.

Hanging out with ex’es is bad news . . . I’d be jealous as all get out . . . would lead to breakup like talk . . .

Um…wow. I play guitar as well. I’m not a huge fan of Zeppelin, but they are unquestionably one of the greatest bands of all time. Top 5 of all time front man, lead guitar and drums. I want to beat down that douche on principle now!!!
Your deal is making me very, very angry. NO ONE MESSES WITH ATH ON MY WATCH!!!!
Look up “Guitar Guy at the Party” on youtube by Mike Birbiglia…sounds like that douche.

Like krueg said – our coach has been hanging out in the vicinity of Girardi too long too. It isn’t just the bullpen.

Hey cool, I play the guitar too :). Tho I like to play the Beatles since I sing, and now my 15 month old son shakes it up too when I play the Beatles. So they became doubly greatest now ;)

Yeah, whether or not you like Zeppelin you have to respect the greatness that is Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. I don’t like Metallica but I respect their epicness.

To be honest I play the guitar too, but I only do it in my room by myself for fun. This is the kind of guy that song Krueg, where he just happens to break out the guitar whenever there are people around.

You know that song??? It’s hilarious!!!!
Me too bro. I play around my close friends. I’m a much better drummer. Played guitar on stage once with some friends…it was cool.

Hanging out with other friends? Hanging out watching TV? I mean – gad – hanging out with an ex-boy/girlfriend – who does that? Either you are or you aren’t an ex. You’re supposed to want your ex’s to stop existing when they become ex’s. At least stop existing anywhere nearby! Now I’m pissed too.

I play an Ovation electric/acoustic and a Fender Strat. Though now just the acoustic since my son likes to wrap wires around himself!!

She lives in Richmond, and he’s flying in to see some friends and supposedly couldn’t find anyone else to pick him up from the airport. So she’s picking him up, and they were going to grab a drink at the bar there.
She’s going to call me after she drops him off, so I have the angry-boyfriend-stopwatch running.

I have a white (well . . . not really, its more cream and black) strat . . . though I use the one with a humbucker since I like that fat blues sound it produces. It’s the Fat Strat. Though I like to play my Ovation more – the fingerboard is more comfortable for me when I’m playing barre chords.

meh…that’s not so bad. i wouldn’t yell about it, rather explain why it’s kind of messed up that after being with you for 3.5 years, she still has a relationship with her ex-boyfriend. tell her even krueg and am sf agree. Lock too!!!
I got that guitar for my birthday in March. I didn’t really want it, but I gave it a chance and I took to it pretty quickly. I’m not good by any means, but I have fun, and I can play three songs pretty well: Since I’ve Been Loving You (the greatest break-up song ever), Stairway to Heaven, and As My Guitar Gently Weeps.
I suck at the latter two, but I’m average at Since I’ve Been Loving You.

Haha she was defensive about it from the get go; she called me to tell me, and immediately was saying “Now relax, I’m trying to be proactive in telling you about it instead of trying to hide it…”
Like I said, there’s a little bit more of a history regarding this guy than I would like, and she knows this so I didn’t really have to say much. But that’s still annoying.
Nick Green base hit!

Right. No taxis at airports – those places are positively lacking in transportation. That’s why there are always so many people sleeping on the chairs and floors at airports. You can get to the airport, but you can’t leave. Bah.

Yes, let CC earn his paycheck joe. The man is awesome. Really awesome. He’s your ace.

I’m lagging behind a bunch: Pedroia just walked, Sabathia staying out there to pitch to Drew.

I guess I’m lagging too. I wish NESN was broadcast TV – we threw our TV out when the kid was born (it fries the brain you know ;) ) and all I have is a TV tuner card in my computer what is showing Magic-Lakers because I can’t watch the Sox . . .

Okay Youk just singled, bases loaded for Bay. Though I already know Bay drives one in.


And our man Papi is on :) – (to think just a week ago I would have been cringing to see him up)

Coke absolutely sucks. I know he had a nice first two weeks of the season, but he’s crap

Let’s get some insurance runs, because I don’t have complete faith in Paps’ ability to get two 1-run saves in a row.

Oh btw, the best part: all of Sabathia’s runners scored, so he’s up for the loss now.

Alright, let’s see if the home plate has the balls to give us a borderline call this inning. I say he doesn’t.

Frack. At least it was 4 pitches to Rocco this time as opposed to 3 like last time. Idiot.

Yeah, he had a stomach virus on Tuesday. Hopefully he’ll be back at 100% now.
Girardi went out to make it look like he’s doing his job. He would have been fired like 5 times today if The Boss was still running the joint.

Grrr I wish wouldn’t cut to a black screen. I want to see Papelbon enter to the Dropkick Murphys!

I wish wouldn’t black me out because I live in Cambridge! Why is it assumed that everyone has a TV and cable . . . we’re in the 21st century now . . .

I take that back! YEAH NICK GREEN!
Lugo would have somehow let the runner score on that play.

We still have Lugo? Darn. I was starting to hope he’d been traded for a hot dog and a box of crackerjacks.

8-0 on the season. And Toronto loses, which is important since they’re only three back.

this one’s on girardi. cc was clearly on fumes, he had no one up, then it was aceves instead of mo or another arm. all adds up to a bad loss

Mostly posting so I can refresh the comments without wading through everything, but I have to add that this was just amazing. I wasn’t following the game but a friend texted me asking if I was. Got online to see the scoreboard go final. Awesome, just made my day.
Now, if only the Sox could play the rest of the league like they’re playing New York, they’d have a nice lead — they’d be undefeated!

I’m sure this has been covered and I know Sabathia is a horse with regard to pitch count, but…
WTF was Girardi thinking leaving him in for so long in the 8th? He should have been gone after the Pedroia walk, if not sooner. Even bringing him in was iffy. And him losing this game is a minor travesty in what was such an excellently pitched game.
But I’m not complaining.

Well, Pitch FX agrees with me that Youkilis should have struck out before he singles in the eighth:
Pitch #5 in the sequence, right before he singled, was over the inside corner. Seems to me like the Sox got almost every borderline call the last 2 games. But I know I’m sbjective, so I’ll be checking out the rest of the game logs from Pitch FX to see if that’s true.

Mark, there were plenty of calls that didn’t go the Sox’ way, especially some big ones for Delcarmen. Having said that, it did seem like there were a lot of them while the Sox were batting with 2 strikes. Several times I went “ouch, shoulda been a backwards K there.”

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