Nice move by the Sox,

Nice move by the Sox, getting back Suppan. They might as well have re-signed Nomar at the same time, now that his heir is off to Pittsburgh. The big question is, now that Lyon is back (can he pitch though?), do the Sox add Kim back to the rotation, letting Sauerbeck, Embree, or others (Burkett? Can he be trusted?) set up for Williamson? A rotation of 1. Pedro 2. Lowe 3. Kim 4. Suppan 5. Wakefield with Sauerbeck, Embree, Burkett, Todd Jones, Mendoza, and Williamson closing isn’t so bad. The rotation also at this point doesn’t look too bad against Moose, Wells, Rocket, Pettite, Weaver (though I still give a pretty nice edge to the Yanks, on paper). The Red Sox have the benefit of a staggering offense, so the pitching staff gets that much better because of the lineup. I just want them to figure a way to take the burden off Burkett, but maybe being a fifth or spot starter will do it. As for the Yanks, I don’t know how much Boone helps, though he doesn’t hurt a bit. He runs, he hits, he plays hard, but he is switching leagues and displacing a defensive stalwart at the hot corner. Losing Claussen doesn’t mean much unless he’s Barry Zito, and don’t you think you would know more about him if he was? I can’t see the move being a push over the top for the Bombers, but they will get two sandwich picks next year if they tender Boone, and that will help keep their system stocked. And really, won’t the Yankees just be a buyer for the best available 28 year-old mature starter when the season is over and Clemens is gone, and not have to rely on guys like Claussen to step in unproven? As for Jeter, it’s not a “sad comment”, just an observation. The guy is probably going to be a hall-of-famer, but it ain’t gonna be for his defense (one play against the Athletics notwithstanding). He’s one of the worst defensive shortstops of the last decade – his positioning isn’t good (he gets fewer chances than anyone) and his range stinks. Be happy and grateful that he’s a leader, a smart hitter (though he strikes out a bit much), a great baserunner. That’s a pretty good combo – no need for Yankees fans to hurt their credibility by also claiming he’s even an average fielder. I’d take him on my team any day for all sorts of reasons, but I wouldn’t start anywhere near him if I was building a defensive wall. I honestly think moving him to third and slotting in ARod at SS would be a daring and brilliant move – Jeter would probably be a heck of a third baseman. They can afford to try it, if ARod is available. Imagine how that would make Mets fans feel, as well.