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Nighty Night: Cubs-Sox Gamer

We are frankly sick of night games. We think this is the third straight weekend that the Sox played Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday night, though we may be mistaken. What happened to weekend spring baseball? It’s a joke, frankly, these weekend night games.

Hopefully Tim Wakefield takes it seriously, though. Chat here.

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The threat turns into a quick inning. Ellsbury caught stealing and Pedroia grounds softly. Ellsbury got a really bad jump.

OK, here comes a rant.
Wood throws at Lowrie twice, getting him the second time.
Clear intent.
If that was retaliation for Aceves HBP on Byrd, that’s assinine. There is no way Ace did that on purpose. Neither of his HBPs were on purpose.
So for Quade to be bitching about that, that’s fucking crap. What the fuck is he trying to prove?
I understand retaliation if the HBP was intentional, but if you look at both situations, there’s no way Aceves’ HBPs were intentional.

I didn’t realize you guys had Cleveland coming up. I haven’t seen a single game (and barely even a highlight) of that team so I am very curious to hear what sfs think of them after this series. Their record speaks for itself and I’m curious to see if sfs feel it’s legit and likely to ocntinue after watching them for 3 games.
As for the Yanks, it’s onto face Toronto, which I have to say makes me nervous this year. Good young pitching, pretty good offense, with the best power hitter in the game right now. Between the Yanks and Jays I predict at least 4 HRs per game.

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