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No Hits On the Board for Cleveland: Yanks-Tribe Gamer

Oops, was I not supposed to say anything about Joba Chamberlain's no-hit bid in the fourth?

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The arguments that will be used tomorrow by Joba to the pen people:
– Joba should be in the pen he gave up a run in the 4th inning he pitched.
– Its such a waste to have him starting. those perfect first 3 innings could have been three perfect 8th innings.

I take complete responsibility for Martinez’ homer. Paul’s thread probably had something to do with it too.

>>those perfect first 3 innings could have been three perfect 8th innings.
Haha. Why get three perfect innings in one game when you can dillute them across multiple games?

The best argument against using Joba Chamberlain in the pen is:
Eric Gagne.
Think about it. He was truly awful, probably as bad a any reliever could possibly be in the eighth inning. And it cost the Red Sox… nothing. They still won the division, and they still won the World Series. Having the worst possible person pitching the eighth inning meant nothing in the long run, so why should we expect having the best possible pitcher there would make such a big difference?

True indeed Paul but you’d think that something as simple as the fact his ERA is under 3.50 as a starter in his career could be convincing. Sigh.

Despite the good play the great start to the game, JOba definitely does not look as sharp as e did in the first 3 innings

Well Girardi didn’t look too pleased with Joba laying out for that popped up bunt, but a nice reaction of Andy P and CC laughing about it in the dugout

Jeez, Jeter’s AVG up to.313, playing solid if unspectacular D at SS…he’s partying like it’s 1999.

Jeets and Swish walk to bring up Tex w/ no outs. He’s been hot lately, but I have a sinking feeling of a GIDP about to come…

Well 3 straight walks to bring up A-ROD with Love to get more than one here…

And that’s it for Sowers. I can see why Wedge pulled him having lost the zone so uddenly, but ‘m glad to see him go actually. He had us off balance fo those first five, and IMO is a better option to get the grounder here…

Or maybe not Aquino has a 0.00 ERA (albeit in only four games). Let’s go, A-rod!

Aaaand froze him on the curve – it was a real hanger to, as Flash notes. Somehow we will blow this.

Jorge with a dribbler back to the mound on the first pitch – awful. Up to Canop w/ 2 outs He never comes through in these situations.

Ya, bases loaded no outs is definitely one of those situations where you got to score runs. Sigh.

Joba seems to be getting a second wind. Gun readings back up to 96 on the FB.

Just looked it up and posted on another board: Cano’s career OPS+ with RISp: 80. That’s pretty damn unclutch.

Man, if we only had Joba in the pen for the 7th and 8th so we could get the ball to Mo after the starter has only given up 1 run through six.

Ball Four! Two one-out walks – gritty!. If only it was the bottom of our order up with the bases juiced last inning!!

Well Aquino seems less sharp in his second inning of work – let’s go get him, Cap’n!

Man there are seagulls all over the OF…midges, Seagulls, Canadian soldiers – what do they have garbage under the stadium here?

Walk to the Cap’n. Second straight inning Indians pitchers walk the bases loaded (although with 1 out this time). We can’t fail twice in a row, can we? Come on, Swish!

Swish almost gives me a heart attack popping up the 2-0..goes out of play though. I’m tense!

2-run oppo field double off the wall for Swish (almost a granny)! I declare his slump over!

IBB to Tex to re-load them for A-Rod with one out. Playing for the DP, obv. But I hope A-Rod takes it as a personal affront and makes them pay!

This guy Aquino apparently liked getting the Indians out of a bases-loaded jam last inning soooo much, he decided to walk ’em full this inning to give it a second try.
Lightning did not strike twice, suffice to say.

God the Mohegan Sun “My Sharona” commercial is an affront to nature. Much like the IBB to Tex is an affront to AROD!

Oh look, it’s our old pal Vizcaino! I wonder if he has recovered from the Torre trauma to his arm yet?

Although Tex out at 2B w/ some shaky baserunning. I’ll take the runs though.

4 runs is nice enough. We’ll see if Joba comes out for the seventh after a long lay off. I know his pitch count is still good, but I’d be surprised to see Joe G send him back out there…

Well Choo singles leading off the inning after the long layoff. Let’s keep a close eye on this, eh, Joe?

Good news: Ground out to Pena. Bad news: not hit hard enough to turn 2. Also: Joba hitting 96 again. I likee.

And Choo steals 3B down by four…guess you gotta tip yer cap to the balls there, but Gorgie needs to throw a guy out every once in a while.
And the SB leads to run on the RBI groundout. Hmmph.

The good news: Joba seven strong innings. Bad news: He may not pitch the 8th! Who? Who will pitch the 8th?

Melky just spitting on that slider low and away…his pitch recognition is light years ahead of where it was last year

Well t least the Cleveland version of Vizcaino is the same as the NY version.
And Whoa, Pena BUNTS FOUL with 2 strikes. What the eff, Joe?

More Joba indeed! And throwing 97-98 back to back to record the first out! OK, I am officially willing to chalk up his lower velocity last time out to lingering bruised knee affects.
AND JETER MAKES ANOTHER PLAY TO HI LEFT for out #2. I will keep beating this drum until everyone hears it!

Joba’s line: 8 IP, 4 H, 2 BB, 5 K. Held his velocity late into the game, hitting 97 and 98 in the 8th – but didn’t have a K after the fourth (without looking at the breakdown, it seemed like he went away from the slider as the game went on, priobably why he had no K’s later, but also maybe why he was able to remain efficient and go deep. The consistent overpowering FB is encouraging, but it will be nice to see him mix in the secondary stuff a bit more for more swings and misses, as we know he can do.

Mo to start the 9th. Joba was his own bridge to Rivera! Suck it, “Joba to the Pen” people (we need a nickname for them!)!

18 straight errorless games for the Yanks sets the all time team record. On the one hand: pretty cool. On the other: pretty meaningless. Although the defense is MUCH improved (thanks largely to addition by subtraction of Abreu and Giambino).

OK, just watched a Baseball Tonight segment on the Yankees fielding, and it was eye-gougingly ignorant…first of all, they pointed out that the Yanks ranked only 26 in MLB on the “Web Gem” count list. Yeah, I don’t see Web Gem percentage becoming a respected defensive metric any time soon.
They go on to attribute the Yanks’ improved infield defense to Teixeira’s “shortening of the field” by playing well off first and allowing everyone else to shade to their right and cover less of the field. That might hold some water if Tex’s range wasn’t below average (his weakest defensive attribute – made up for in UZR by his arm, error rate, and ability to save fielder errors) AND if Jeter wasn’t shading to his left, not his right.
Then they say the Yanks give up a lot of hits up he middle – when actually they give up far more hits (by percentage of chances) to the left side.
They make one fair point – that A-Rod’s hip surgery appears to have limited his range this year. Otherwise it was one of the bigger loads of nonsense you will ever hear.

Wait, an 18-game errorless streak leads to CRITICISM of Yankee defense on BBTN? I used to believe that they just supported the hot hand, but man does ESPN have an insane anti-Yankees bias. Sad, really.

Errors are not a perfect stat, and might not even be a “good” stat, as modern sabr-people will tell you. That said, it is obviously tough to break records, so they are playing well, or at least, not giving too many (as opposed to say none) extra outs.

“First of all, they pointed out that the Yanks ranked only 26 in MLB on the “Web Gem” count list. ”
On the other hand, the yankees do lead the league in ESPN air time spent on weather they should be a more often than not dominant 23 year old starter to the pen to throw 1 inning. That has to count for something, no?
This is classic ESPN BS. Baseball tonight used to be a great show and has become almost unwatchable now. A shame really. Considering how long baseball has been played professionally, setting this record is a remarkable achievement. It is most certainly not a coincidence that the yankees have been winning lots of games during this run. All the more so, considering how often the yankees defense has been maligned (often rightly so) over the last few years….
In my humble opinion, this achievement deserves its own YFSF thread!

“…man does ESPN have an insane anti-Yankees bias…..”
yes, andrew, that’s very true…it’s been discussed here before…some dismiss it as yankee fan paranoia, while some of us believe it’s real, as evidenced by the example provided…as for what makes a defense good, espn naturally lives for the “web gem”, so they predictably measure good defense using that yardstick…”web gems” are much more exciting than the yankees’ string of 18 games full of ho hum routine plays…to be fair, the “web gem” also helped create the legend of jeter as a defensive wizard, until real stats took some of the air out of that balloon…you’re right lar, girardi pointed out the same thing, the yanks have not been giving extra outs, and that helps win ballgames much more often than an occasional “web gem”…i’ll add to that, joba only gave up 2 walks…not giving the team a free pass whether by error or walk is a good thing even if it doesn’t make the highlight reel…despite the naysayers at espn, i’ll be very happy if this team doesn’t get a “web gem” all year but continues to play the way they did in may…

As a minor aside, whether it’s deserved or not (not to add doubt – I haven’t really looked up defensive stats), it might help Teix earn another gold glove..

One good point by the YES team gave some credit for the errorless streak to the Yankee pitching staff – they are pitching quick and moving things along. Not a lot of Jeff Weaver/Kevin Brown/Kei Igawa wandering around, kicking the dirt, pouting, and generally putting everyone but the batter to sleep BS.
As for the E-less streak, I love Gardner, but his mis-play of the fly ball in the previous game was at least close to an error in my book. With his speed, he gets to that ball if he hadn’t misjudged and charged it at first.
As for ESPN highlights, many a webgem is created by a fielder having to make a great play to compensate for misjudging a ball initially or positioning himself poorly before the play. For the same reason, Joe DiMaggio wouldn’t have come close to leading the league in webgems in his day, but he was superlative in CF.

More impressive, to me, is that the Yankees’ overall defense is now in the positive UZR. I can’t remember the last time that happened.
Melky, Gardner (yes, Gardner has been playing superlative defense, that terrible misjudgment notwithstanding), Cano, and Jeter have really helped the team defensively this year. It’s a great thing to see.

Agreed, but from viewing the games (as distinct from perusing the defensive stats, which I haven’t really done this year) the biggest difference to me appears to be at 1B. It’s a combination of Teixeira’s reliability and the utter suckitude of Jason Giambi’s past performance there. As much as I knew Giambi stunk it up out there, watching Teixeira daily I feel – rightly or wrongly – like there is at least one play per game that Giambi never would have made that is now no problem.

who knew that whenever Joba pitches in Cleveland it brings out plagues of insects, birds and light drizzle. the birds in the OF were an odd sight.

Dw, it’s just proof that God hates the Yankees. I don’t remember any of those plagues whenever the Sox play at Jacobs.
Good to see you IH, stick around some will ya? ;-)

Tks man – been a sort of hectic year. I’m timing my appearances for when the Yankees are in sole possession of first instead of – for instance – losing their fifth straight to Boston…

Is it an anti-Yankee bias, or an anti-competence bias? As in, BBTN is against displaying any bit of competence at analyzing the mechanics or trends of baseball.

Don’t worry IH, that’ll change tonight when the Rangers beat the Yankees 31-28.

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