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No Quippy Title Needed: Rangers-Sox Gamer III

C.J. Wilson for the Rangers, Clay Buchholz for the Sox at Fenway in game three of what has turned out to be an incredibly entertaining series.

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Why the hell is Buchholz still out there? All three hits have been hard, and he’s at 108 pitches.
Great stop right there by Youk… though it looks like his hand may be injured from it.

So apparently Wakefield is going to the bullpen. Surprising, since the last time he was asked about it back in like 2007 he said he would rather retire than accept a bullpen role at his age.

Not surprising at all given the catching situation. There’s no way they can suffer through any more of his starts without a solid batterymate. Kid ’66 has been reduced to mop up duty because the front office didn’t do its job. I wonder if they would even turn to him again if another starter gets hurt. A sad way for his career to end given all he did last year. Hopefully, that’s not the case.

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