Nomah, Barry Sound Off

Nomar’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. Or maybe he’s going to take it, and just forget it. Anyway, following yesterday’s blow-up in the Herald, he wants everyone to know that “people who really know me, know me, and people who don’t, don’t.” Got it.

Elsewhere, a fine piece by Globe writer Gordon Edes on Barry Bonds today—the slugger comes across as a tragically sad, somewhat inscrutable figure, his greatness on the field offset by a deep well of bitterness. (Okay, nothing really new here.) Would he ever play for the Sox? “Boston is too racist for me.” A few quibbles: Edes suggests Bonds “has surpassed Ted Williams…as the greatest hitter who ever lived.” In our book, that honor still stands with the Babe. As evidence to back up his claim, Edes claims Bonds “is the most feared slugger of any era by one distinct measure—no has ever been intentionally walked as often.” That’s a deceptive statement. Ruth in the 20s was as feared as anyone, but intentional walk stats were not kept until the mid-1950s. And as a chart in Edes own story shows, Ruth’s career slugging average (.690) far exceeds that of Bonds (.606).

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