Nomah Loves Beantown

“He wants to stay here and I personally would like to see him stay here,” says Nomar’s agent Arn Tellem. Here are 10 reasons why YF figures he just might (apologies to Dave Letterman):

10. Wants to complete Harvard dissertation on Poetics & Romantic Epistemology
09. Yanks already have a guy at short who strikes out constantly
08. Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage
07. Always wins Truth or Dare games with Manny & Pedro
06. Giving up job to guy named Pokey too embarrassing to contemplate
05. With fifty year contract extension may finally see completion of Big Dig
04. Addicted to El Tiante’s saussage w/ peppers & onions
03. Refining craps technique with MIT guys from “Bringing Down the House”
02. Mia has already picked out drapes
01. 2003 BA in Boston: .359; 2003 BA on road: .243

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