Nope, No Regrets At All

YF snarkily asked us about the Sox’ offseason machinations here, back on May 4th.  Let’s do another status check on the Sox’ former farmhands, to see how they are doing. 


Hanley Ramirez (SS, Florida Marlins, 154 AB)

Age: 22

BA: .331

OBP: .394

SLG: .481

OPS: .875

R: 36

SB: 12

E: 6

FP: .963


Andy Marte: (3B, AAA, Buffalo, 149AB)

Age: 22

BA: .242

OBP: .320


OPS: .649

E: 7


Ramirez has surprisingly gotten better over the last three weeks, and appears to be a heck of an offensive player, though his defense remains spotty.  We don’t need to remind everyone that Mike Lowell is playing at all-star level on both sides of the ball, Josh Beckett is 6-1 and looks to be the long-term ace of the staff (blisters notwithstanding), that Alex Gonazalez has helped the Sox field one of their best defensive squads in literally decades (even if he can’t hit against anyone but the Yankees), and that Coco Crisp has (sadly) been out for 45 days after showing a quick flash of brilliance in the first week of the season.  And even better, the Beckett/Lowell for Ramirez deal looks to be a trade that has helped both teams, never a bad thing in solidifying future relations between front offices. That’s basically four players for one, and as a result the Sox are atop the AL East with a new ace, a great defense, and a bright future, so the Theo Epstein Geniusometer that YF derisively mentioned is functioning fine, and registering at a pretty high clip. We might even hear the glass crack once Coco returns.

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