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Not Drowning, Waving: O’s-Sox Gamer #2

Lackey gave up three in the top of the first.  Boston is batting now, facing Brian Matusz; Pedroia just brought in Ellsbury on a FC to get one back. The Sox are 4-14 in September after the day game. That’s a kind of brutally bad that is hard to fathom.

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Still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Been a long September, but this inning is promising as Gonzalez smacks it off the Monster near the line for a single and Scutaro heads to 3rd with nobody out.

The rotation the rest of the way might go something like this:
Bedard (O’s)-Beckett (O’s)-off-Lester (@Yanks)-Lackey (@Yanks)-Bedard (@Yanks)-Beckett (@O’s)-Wake/Weiland/Doubront (@O’s)-Lester (if not clinched/still in the hunt)
Legitimately good starting pitching in 6 of 9 games, if necessary…that’s assuming Bedard is feeling okay. It’s going to be stressful, but it could be worse. Just win tonight.

Prospective RS pitching from here on in + # of TBR/NYY matchups should assure Boston gets the WC. If TBR beats up on NYY n these next 3 games + NYY beats up on Boston later this week then – and I think only then – do things get really dicey for Boston.

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