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Not Much Left to Say: A’s-Sox Gamer VII

Josh Beckett on the hill. Just need a win.

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Why the f*ck does my internet go out RIGHT at the first pitch?
Happy to see that we’re up 1-0 now though!

I haven’t watched a Beckett start in 3 weeks, and I finally have a free night to do so and my internet keeps going out. The gods hate me.

thats why i get the tv package. only thing that messes me up is a heavy thunder and lighting storm.

I have Cox cable, and the sports package doesn’t have every single game the way does. Also, I would have to buy a bunch of extra crap in order to get the sports package, because Cox is really lame.

i buy the mlb ticket i think ive only missed 2 games so far here. the only problem i have with it is i have to watch the sox on yes when they play the yankees.

Ahhh exactly, that’s another good thing about I get to choose between which network I watch. NESN all the way baby.
Rumors of Bronson Arroyo going to the Yankees. That would make me really sad.

Pop-up, Patterson forgot to touch 2nd on his way back and is called out. I’m surprised, because he looked like he was on 2nd.
Replay shows he BARELY missed 2nd. Fantastic call there.

Another roaming strikezone tonight. First pitch to Pedro was a strike, but called a ball.
2-0 Sox on the sac fly.

Hey look, our offense is finally hitting against a rookie pitcher. 5-0 in the 4th, two men on, and only one out.

No kidding, stuck. Apologies to everyone!
For the second time tonight Ellis launches his bat, this time into the dugout instead of the stands. Put some pine tar on your hands, dude.

Cahill over his season-high pitch total of 107. Shocked they’re letting him stay out there, but whatever, they’re a 41-56 team.

What’s the team record when Beckett takes the hill? I feel it’s something like 15-4. Dude is an ace this year.

Yeah Andrew, especially after a rocky April. It feels like we should win every start of his.

Daniel Bard is amazing. This kid is going to be one of the top 5 closers in a few years.

Kind of weird they sent Beckett out for the 8th considering how hard they were hitting the balls in the 7th (pretty damn lucky Ellsbury can run out there).

Apparently Tito was going to pull Beckett after 7IP, but Beckett had other ideas. From the Globe:
“I got out there pretty quick,’’ quipped Beckett, who raced out of the dugout in the eighth inning to beat Francona’s call to the bullpen. “If he’s going to tell me [he’s out of the game], he probably needs to come down there a little quicker.’’
Francona said, “I really didn’t want him to go back out, but he beat me to the punch. He ran out of the dugout so quick that I think he knew what was coming.’’

I picture an amusing scenario where Tito almost pees himself in fright at the thought of standing up to Becks.

By the way, a lot of reports about how the Red Sox are trying to pull of something huge, “bigger than Halladay”. Probably VMart and Lee together to Boston, though it would take a shitload to land them. I fear a key player, like Youk, Bay, or Ortiz, is getting moved. Or Papelbon.

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