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A quick design crit: The “Yankee Stadium” typography on top of the left-field scoreboard is pretty awkward. The letters are just bolted down, and the serif font chosen just isn’t designed for freestanding display at that kind of scale. It’s also redundant: if you’re sitting in the stands, you don’t need the identifier—given the prices, you definitely know where you are—and if you’re watching at home it’s pretty well unmistakably Yankee Stadium, what with the familiar dimensions, the frieze, and the team logos all over the place. In general, the Yankees use too many fonts and logos for my taste. Sometimes the name is in script, sometimes it’s in serif, the NY logo is in its own font, and the scoreboard signage around the park is in all different types. It would be nice to see a little more consistency.

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I spend a lot of time with type and graphics, and so can visualize some of the points made, but photos would add a lot to this post. In a city full of great typographers (e.g. my old friend Jonathan Hoefler, whose firm designed the typeface used by the Obama campaign, among other things), there’s no excuse for the stadium’s signage to be anything but top-notch… especially since there was surely a colossal budget.

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