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Not That There’s Anything Wrong With It: Rangers-Yanks Gamer III

Every time I've faced him since, there seem to be balls near my head

Mark Teixeira on Vicente Padilla

Hopefully tonight's game will be safe for the kids.  Comment here.

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About time – Hughes has a limit anyhow, but clearly belongs (if maybe barely) to get some time here in the majors. In the meanwhile, Wang has just been rotting in the pen.
We’ll see though.

I agree – nice move. and it will drive the JiP (Joba in Pen) contingent batshit, which will be nice to see.

Great quote from Teixeira. Nobody likes balls near the head, though Wang looks like he’ll give it a shot tomorrow.

If Wang gets going and is himself, Joba gets a few more starts and if Hughes isn’t great out of the pen, switches with Joba and get back in the rotation in August???

Krueg – Just had to stop in and see how you were doing. Fewer f-bombs than I expected.

Well Andy looks like total shit tonight. Not even accurate throwing over to first, much less to the strike zone.

Posada with a HR. Too bad it isn’t one of those many times there were people on base..

my computer died last night before the game ended…getting a new one at lunch. we suck so bad it made my computer crash. How many runs will Wang give up today I wonder???

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