“Not One for the Time Capsule” Redux

Winning ugly is still winning. Thankfully, the Mets were marginally more incompetent than the Yanks this weekend; we’re happy to settle for 2 of 3 and a well deserved (and much needed) day off. But before we go, a tip of the cap to Bernie and Godzilla for the clutch hits, and to Pedro as well, who’s still a master even if his mates (no matter who they be) have trouble cashing in his fine performances against his Daddies. We also ask why, when an extra run would have been nice, and he was clearly coming in for defense anyway, Tino did not hit for Giambi in the 8th with Bernie on third and two out. Showing confidence in the $82 man is nice, but he had his shots, and we wanted to see the AL’s reigning POW. Fair is fair!

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