Note From Chitown: You Think You Got Problems?

We’re out in Chicago, here to promote a certain book on WGN, and that meant spending the evening watching the Cubs. The sad, sad Cubs, who lost a 3-2 game to visiting Cincinnati, who got all 3 of their runs off the bat of Ken Griffey, Jr. (Remember him? The swing is still sweet, we can assure you.) As for the Cubs, who traded for Phil Nevin today…..Yeesh. It’s gonna take a lot more than a slumping, injury-plagued, Texas castoff to fix this squad of ne’er-do-wells. Top of the Cubs batting order today: Juan Pierre, Neifi Perez, Michael Barrett. Down by 2 in the sixth, manager Dusty Baker pulled a dominating Carlos Zambrano in order to pinch hit Tony Womack. Who struck out, something no other player on the Cubs, Zambrano included, had yet to do. Say what you will about Torre/Terry as in game strategists. I’ll take either one every day over Dusty Baker. Sheesh.

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  • YF,
    Damn straight. For all of their mistakes, Torre and Francona face up to heavy media/fanbase criticism and make some right moves now and then. They deal with media/ownership criticisms with a proper chip on their shoulders, with a healthy amount of good humor.
    Dusty Baker, on the other hand, has turned Chicago Cubs fans, those lazy Sunday afternoon fans who are used to being lovable losers, into a raving mob of vigilantes just waiting to burn Dusty at the stake.
    And, you know what, Dusty deserves it.

    Hunter June 1, 2006, 1:39 am
  • Neifi Perez, Tony Womack and Juan Pierre all on the same team…that’s like some kind of baseball horror movie. [Shudder]
    Dusty Baker is the moron running these guys out there every day, but Jim Hendry is the GM who acquired these guys, no? I’d say it’s not just Dusty who needs to go.
    Makes me appreciate Theo and Tito, that’s for sure.

    mouse June 1, 2006, 2:44 am
  • Yeah, I spent a lot of nights watching Dusty butcher a game. Trotting Livan out there for his 130+ pitch almost made me sick.
    Neifi must have some comprimising photo’s of Dusty, beacuse that’s the only reason I can figure out why he still has a job.

    Nate June 1, 2006, 10:27 am
  • Rucy August 3, 2007, 11:18 pm

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