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Nothing Decided Yet: Yanks-Blue Jays Gamer

Andy Pettitte has pitched 11 scoreless innings since coming back from the DL and may be the most trustworthy Yankee pitcher in history when it comes to late- and post-season ballgames.  Ricky Romero has had a horrible season though finally secured a W in his last start against Baltimore.  Meanwhile, X-rays on Robbie Cano’s left-hand came back negative and he’s slated to play second and bat cleanup today.

Every game is a playoff game now – and has been seemingly for weeks – as the Yanks struggle to shake the Orioles loose while striving to lock down the best record in the AL, now just one game out of their reach.  Plenty of important games today but the Yanks-Jays will be the first.  A win would put pressure on the O’s to keep pace and the Rangers to stay ahead in the race for home-field advantage in the playoffs.  A loss would suck.

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We should have 10 runs in this game.

If you cannot score in this game, with what’s at stake, against this competition…

How the fuck do you expect to win any playoff games?

Groundhog Season.

This has been horrible. Over three innings they put 8 men on with no outs and got 2 ttotal runs. Now they’ve let the Jays put two on with no outs in the 6th. This feels like a very painful loss in the making.

Amazing sprinting catch by Granderson on that massive drive by Mathis. 1st and 3rd with 2 outs now and Pettitte’s day is done. He did a very solid job on a day where his command was off and his offense seemed intent on losing. This is a big spot for Joba.

Joba gives up the double and go-ahead run. Then Gomes runs into an out. Yankees losing. They certainly deserve to be.

In 6 of the first 7 innings of this game the Yankees have gotten the lead-off man on. Then, futility…


There is no way this team makes it out of the first round, if not the play in game.

This is why I have watched a handful of games this month.

This is why I’m over this team.

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