Now Batting, Deepak Chopra

From Bob Klapisch’s column on

Sheffield has only two homers in 123 at-bats so far, prompting manager Joe Torre to observe, “I think Gary is a little impatient with (the lack of ) home runs, which contributes to the lack of home runs.”

Sheffield doesn’t disagree with his manager, saying, “I feel like I’m being tested spiritually” and further admits he has no real explanation for the drop-off.

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  • Guess Sheff’s due.

    JCL (YF) May 14, 2004, 5:37 pm
  • I think I’d agree with the analysis that there’s a psychological component here: I’d be more concerned about his power drop if he was all of a sudden incapable of getting around on heat. But the opposite seems to be the case here, as Klapisch (and just about everyone else) has noted, ie, Sheffield pulls everything, no matter how hard.
    Perhaps he was out last week when Stuart Smalley came in to give the team pep talk.

    YF May 14, 2004, 6:37 pm

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