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Now Batting, Stuart Smalley

From Today’s Times:

Contreras needed a lifeline. Alex Rodriguez went to the mound from third base, and Contreras reached out.

“If you’ve got anything to say,” Contreras told Rodriguez in Spanish, “please tell me.”

Rodriguez sensed an opening, and he implored Contreras to center the ball, to focus on throwing a first-pitch strike and to let his immense talent do the rest. It was another version of the Yankees’ effort to make Contreras (3-2) believe in himself.

“If you give him some confirmation during the middle of the game, especially when things are getting a little rocky, that’s important,” Rodriguez said. “He needs to know how good he is.”

Other priorities for A-Rod in the coming days:

1. Broker deal between American forces and Moqtada Al-Sadr
2. On-call marriage counseling for J. Lo and new hubby Marc Anthony
3. Referee tomorrow’s England/France Football match at Euro2004 Championships.
4. Mediate sit-down between celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito and uber-restarauteur Jeffrey Chodorow.
5. Change Contreras’ diapers before his next scheduled start.

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What, A-Rod’s not up for settling the Israel-Palestine problem? Or is that on the sched for later in the year?

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