Nuno-no-no-no: Twins-Yanks Gamer I

Nolasco and Nuno (who’s honestly fared pretty well as a fill-in starter) will tangle tonight at the latest incarnation of Yankee Stadium.  Neither pitcher has lit it up this year (though they’ve each been lit up fairly often), but you just never know.

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  • OK…first off, we suck monkey balls. Obviously. It’s the 80’s again and we have NO shot of winning another title until at LEAST 2026. Once Cashman dies and is no longer GM.

    PS Robbie Thomson is the WORST 3rd base coach in baseball. But of course, once you have a job with the Yankees (Cashman, the entire scouting staff minus Stick, Thomson, Mick, Tony…all have done NOTHING ever) you NEVER lose it. That call, where he stopped Gardner on an easy score and led to the clusterfuck rundown bullshit? Insane. Little league garbage. AG Jr. would have scored on that play. I hate his face. I hate them all. We are garbage and I am tired of fucking losing.

    PSS That is all.

    PSSS Have a great weekend. Go Rangers. Why not.

    krueg May 31, 2014, 12:27 am

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