NY Tabloid Pullout Smackdown

The Post and the Daily News come out today with pullout season preview sections. We rate them, for your pleasure and edification….

Page count
News: 36
Post: 28
Edge: News.

Nutso prediction
News: Colorado Rockies, over .500
Post: Grady Sizemore, AL MVP (Yeah, we’re stupified)
Edge: Post. Because we love crazy.

Scouting reports, division breakdowns, news coverage
News: Heavily reported, lots of info, including “scout’s” take.
Post: Skimpy.
Edge: News. Big time.

Shameless boosterism
Both predict 1st place finish for Yanks, 2nd place finish for Mets. But news calls Yanks “armed and old,” and is in general more realistic
Edge: News. Because we also like a little bit of reality.

Bonus feature
News: None.
Post: Mariano Rivera Poster—Enter Sandman!
Edge: Post.

The Winner
An easy call this year; The Daily News is our hands down tabloid champ. But we’re still not sure it was worth the .50 cents.

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