Oedipal Conflict in Oalkand? One

Oedipal Conflict in Oalkand? One of the more intriguing subtexts of this A’s-Sox series (now 2-0, A’s), and one that has all of us fans of Michael Lewis’s “Moneyball” excited, is that we have Billy Beane’s A’s facing the team that has so clearly modeled itself on Beane’s own Sabermetric systems, with the man who practically invented the field, Bill James, as advisor. Sadly, ESPN has done little to bring this conflict to life (interviews please?!) in any creative way. That Joe Morgan is one of Beane’s targets in the book may explain some of this, but we hope that as this series continues (and we hope it will go the distance), there will be better coverage of this plot line. It’s also worth correcting one of the inaccuracies we’ve been seeing and hearing in regard to the Ramon Hernandez bunt that ended Game One of this series. As has been widely reported, the A’s don’t bunt much. But the reason they don’t bunt is because they don’t like to sacrifice, thereby giving up outs and the possibility of a big inning. Last night’s play, which came with two outs and only one run needed for the win, was not a sacrifice. Daring, yes (a bunt from the catcher!), but perhaps not a wild diversion from team philosophy.

Posted by YF on 10/2/2003 07:25:41 PM

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