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In sweeping the Yankees for the first time this season, the Red Sox earned a 13-6 season against the Yankees, becoming the first team to defeat them 13 times in a season since Balty went 13-5 against the Yankees in 1976.

Mariano didn’t pitch yesterday. I know they’re still in the wild card race and everything, but they should have pinch-hit with him or something (and they have an off-day today), honestly, so the crowd could pay their respects one more time. Heard the pre-game ceremony was nice enough, anyway.

The Red Sox have won 92 games with 11 to play, beating the 2011 squad’s total of 90. Their magic number to win the division is 4 (and I am very surprised the Twins beat the Rays yesterday). Their magic number to secure home-field throughout the playoffs is 10 (Oakland has 61 losses and have essentially secured the AL West in sweeping the Rangers this past series).

In order to reach 100 victories, one reasonable path might be…sweep the Bautista-less BJs at Fenway, sweep the 2-game set with the Rockies in Denver, win half the games remaining with the Orioles (6, 3 at Fenway starting tomorrow, and 3 at Camden to end the regulah). Unlikely but attainable. Whodathunk? You can probably chalk up a loss the day after they win the division when Farrell rolls out the B squad, though. :)

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  • > In order to reach 100 victories

    Not jealous. Nope, not at all. Never mind that it is mathematically impossible for the Yankees to win the division as of last night. If the Yanks win at their current percentage, they might get to 87 wins. I fondly remember those 2000 Yanks (that won the Division with 87 wins) and went on to the Serious. It played out against Bobby V’s Mets while I was on my honeymoon on an island near Cuba. You couldn’t turn your head without seeing a TV tuned into the games when they were on, in no small part because of El Duque. But this year’s Yankees aren’t going to reach 87 wins. And even if they did, they need three of four teams — the Rays, the Rangers, the Tribe, the Birds — to win less than five of their last twelve games for it to matter.

    Of course I have been harboring secret fantasies of some incredible comeback since late July, but it never worked out with a pencil. Now it’s written with a sharpie: welcome to 1992, but without any reason to think it might get better.

    attackgerbil September 16, 2013, 10:42 pm
  • On the day after clinching the division it’ll probably be the B squad behind a pretty good pitcher. Who says they’re not good enough to beat the O’s or Jays? Getting cocky, I know …

    pale blue eyes September 17, 2013, 7:34 am

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