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The Mariners lock up King Felix for five more years. You might recall the rumors from the past trade deadline linking the Sox to the young ace. It looks like it isn't meant to happen until, maybe, four or five years from now.

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And the future 2011-2012 free agent class just got a lot thinner, although I would think this guarantees Lee will be on the market next year.
We could see Mauer and Pujols locked up soon as well. Where will everyone put all their free agent dollars in the next two years? Beckett? Crawford? Vazquez? Werth?
With all these young players being locked up, we may have seen the last of the true superstar free agent classes last year.

Lee was/is going to be on the market regardless the Felix situation. That’s one of the reasons the Phils traded him. The thought Halladay more valuable because of his willingness to be signed before he reached free agency. Lee told all teams that he wanted to test free agency.

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